The striking colorful gems with unique properties are again setting the market trend. Gemstone jewelry is worn whenever women want to express themselves and complement their look with some luster and shine. Moreover, the gemstone has the strength of mother nature, which generates power by vibration; thus, the ambiance of the wearer becomes emphatic enough to oppose unfavorable exterior vibrations.

In addition, people desire sophisticated gems that possess healing benefits and beauty. Therefore, they are prized for their beauty, durability, and rarity and have always been attractive to humankind. Therefore, most people wear them in the form of a ring, bracelet, and pendant for healing purposes, whereas necklaces and earrings are worn for fashion purposes. Let us know about the gemstones, which are among the top-notch selling stones.

Moonstone – The Stone With a Sparkling Sheen

Moonstone - The Stone With a Sparkling Sheen

Moonstone is one of the rarest gems with luster, making everyone look adorable. It lies between 5 to 6 on the toughness scale and belongs to the feldspar mineral family.  It is said that this gem has the energies of the moon and goddess Diana, which bless the wearer in every aspect. Moreover, this stone has the ability to bring ingenious energies, allowing the individual to develop innovative ideas which would benefit them in every way. Moonstone jewelry is preferred to be worn in sterling 925 silver, and on special demand, it is also sometimes set into rose gold and yellow gold. 

This gemstone delivers internal transparency cyclical elaboration, which actually helps in encouraging new starts. Moreover, it has a connection to the feminine, aiding them in the problems of fertility, balance, softness, and intuition. It is a delightful gift for lovers to enrich affection between them and regain inner harmony. The stone provides extraordinary benefits to the one born in June, being their birthstone. For fashion purposes, it can be worn by anyone. 

In addition, it can be easily recharged by just keeping them under the moonlight on full moon day. The energies of the moon can bring back the shine in the jewelry piece and in the life of the wearer as well.

Opal – The Everlasting Gemstone

Opal - The Everlasting Gemstone

The unique and exclusive gem opal is one of the prettiest stones to be worn in the form of jewelry. It is composed of silica and water and is singly refractive, often anomalous double refractive due to strain stone. The opal crystal ranges from transparent to translucent in appearance and is available in the hues of Colourless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blue. The hardness of the gem lies between 5-6.5 and needs special care by the owner.

Opal jewelry is full of amplification power with the perfect sense of balance to manage the wearer’s life. Wearing it on a daily basis brings hope, good karma, favorable balance, and ordinance. In addition, it is a fantastic shield against evil energies and negative thoughts. Opal is among Queen Victoria’s favorite gemstones, and she used to wear it in her crown for protecting her Queensland.

Opal has the ability to bring the energies of love, compatibility, trust, and mutual understanding. From proposing to a girlfriend with the Opal ring to an engagement ring to gifting the opal necklace on an anniversary, the Opal jewelry has made its special place in the hearts of gem lovers. So, Opal is a must-add product for your collection.

Larimar – The Life Savior Gemstone

Larimar - The Life Savior Gemstone

The blue Caribbean gemstone is none other than Larimar gemstone, which belongs to the pectolite mineral family. This gem is an incarnation of the peaceful sea and sky vigorousness. The soothing blue gem has white bubbles on the surface, which resemble the sunlight that dances beneath Caribbean water. This gem brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis, as the Caribbean sea meets Atlantis ocean at the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera Island of the Bahamas. Moreover, it is also called the dolphin stone as it has calming energies which are used to harmonize the body and soul.

It is one of the richest gemstones, which has a beautiful history behind its formation. Larimar crystals are unique as they have the energy of the water and fire in them together, which is one of the rarest combinations found. The volcanic eruption led to the formation of the Larimar crystals many million years ago. Then the splashes of the eruption were trapped in the mountain, which tumbled down in the river during the earthquake. And that’s how Larimar was formed. They were discovered in the year 1916 but were considered as an ordinary stone and were discovered again in the year 1974 by a priest and were sent to the lab for testing, where they were considered as a semi-precious gemstone.

Wearing them every day in the form of jewelry like the ring, pendant, or bracelet dispels the negative energies issues related to anxiety, depression, and stress. Larimar jewelry is even preferred to be worn on special events like business parties or red carpets events, and they will uplift the aura of the wearer.

Moldavite – The Unique and Exceptional Crystal

The green tektite ranges from olive-green color to the deep dark forest green with brown streaks on the surface. The gas bubbles were trapped when these crystals were forming, and they are a good indicator of genuine moldavite crystals. The Czech Republic is the only source to find the Moldavite crystals, which were fallen from the comets and meteoroids around 14.8 million years ago. Moldavites are actually glass crystals that have a transformative effect on the wearer’s life.

Moldavite jewelry looks pretty and has high spiritual energy, which can be best used while meditating. The stone has a unique connection to the higher energies of the universe. Moreover, it will help in making everyday decisions developing the energy to work effectively and efficiently. The beautiful green crystals can be worn with any kind of outfit; casual, office wear, or partywear. This is the gem that enhances the aura of the women with its highly esteem energies.

Moldavite stones are embedded into sterling silver, rose gold, or yellow, but they look best with yellow gold. One can feel the energy of this gemstone while holding it in their hands for the first time, and then the sensation could be felt in the complete body. They have the energy of the moon and the stars, which makes the wearer feel good and happy, fetching lots of good fortune and wealth.

Caring Tips For All Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones are semi-precious stones that need to be handled carefully. They should be properly stored while they are not worn; they can be wrapped under the cotton and kept in a separate box. By doing this, the stone can be protected from getting scratches and cracks. Moreover, they can be clean using normal water and wiped with a clean cloth.

Where to Buy Them From?

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