There is nothing more elegant than a lady who ages gracefully and owns it like a queen! But, on some days even queens like to dress up and play around with some makeup. So, for those colourful days, we have got you sorted with a few makeup tips for older women.

When it comes to makeup for older women you need to take a little extra care and effort for that flawless finish and glow. So, let’s check out how we can achieve this perfection.

Skin prepping

This is one major makeup tip for women regardless of age. Prepping your skin before makeup isn’t just great for the skin but it also gives your makeup a beautiful and flawless finish. Begin with cleansing your face with a mild cleanser or a face wash. This will ensure your skin is perfectly clean and free from dust, grime, and dust particles. Once you are done, the next step is to moisturize your skin well. You can either use a moisturizer or a serum. Let the product soak in well before you begin with your next step.

Pick age-appropriate products

While you are busy with your makeup for older women, it is essential to concentrate on skincare too. So when you choose your skincare, make sure that you choose anti-aging products. Don’t forget to check the ingredient list because ingredients play a major role. Your anti-aging skin care products must include ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and Vitamin C & E. also, make sure the brands that you pick are vegan so that you are aware of what you are using.

A good base

Makeup for older ladies needs a little extra effort because at this age you cannot risk damaging your skin. So take your time and do your base makeup well. Once your moisturizer is well done, apply your primer. Your primer is extremely important as it blurs out your pores, makes your makeup last longer, and creates a film between your skin and your makeup. So makeup for older ladies must include skin prep in their regime.

The next product for your base is your foundation. Apply a few dots all over your face and neck. Start blending in an upwards direction while being gentle with your strokes. If you want full coverage then you can use a brush and if you want sheer coverage then a beauty blender would be great.

Next, apply a very little amount of concealer under your eyes, on your nose bridge, around your mouth, and in areas that need lightening or coverage. Blend this out gently. Finally set your base makeup with your compact face powder.

Subtle eye makeup

The next makeup tip for older women is to keep your eye makeup subtle and light. You can pick pretty nude shades or subtle shimmer shades from your eye makeup kit. This not only enhances your entire look but will also brighten up your eyes. Avoid picking dark shades and heavy shimmers, these will make you look more aged than your actual age. On regular days you can pick a nice nude shade with a brown undertone and fluff it all on your lid and finish off with a little bronze shimmer and liquid eyeliner. This look is not only easy but it also looks very elegant.

Nude lip shades

When it comes to makeup for older ladies, sticking to nude lip shades is a great makeup tip for women. Nude shades are not only elegant but they look very subtle and presentable for every occasion and event. While creating a wedding guest look makeup for older women, sometimes you can wear a little bit of light red or maroon for that extra dose of awesomeness!

Coral or peach blush

Another useful makeup tip for women is to finish off your makeup look with a blush. Your blush adds colour to your overall look and it also makes your entire face appear fresh and bright. Go in for blush shades like a nice pinkish coral or something peachy. These types of shades suit all skin colour types and work really well as an eye shadow base too.

Set your makeup

Makeup for older women needs to be set well. Because, unlike the young generation who can manage to touch up their makeup from time to time, or be conscious of their makeup. For older women, it would be rather easy to apply and forget. Hence, setting your makeup is very important. For this, make sure you set your makeup well with a compact powder. Let that set for a few minutes and then spray some makeup fixer all over your face. This will lock in your makeup and ensure a flawless stay for a long duration. 



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