Fun and Cheap Ways to Shake Up Your Look

Have you ever wanted to enhance your personal style but felt that you couldn’t do it because of the high costs entailed? You can shake up your look and do it with style, affordability, and fun. Even major celebrities find simple and inexpensive ways to get noticed and to stay on-trend. Check out what our shopping experts have to say, and get ready to amp up your game!

Bring On The Fringe

Change up your hairstyle. It sounds easy enough, but many of us get trapped into the same old, boring routine with hair and makeup. If you want to sizzle this season, then get some fringe. That’s right, bangs are happening and blunt fringe stole the show at the worldwide spring/summer 2021 runway events.

From Valentino to Prada and Balenciaga, bangs were the standout hair look.

The great thing about bangs is their versatility, ability to make you look youthful and instant spotlight on your eyes.

Accessories That Matter

Maybe you can’t afford that $3,500 Max Mara coat, but that’s okay. You can amp up your style game with accessories. Find a celebrity you admire, and see what accessories they are adding to their wardrobe. Now, try and incorporate some of these accessories into your ensembles.

Accessories can also get very pricey, but you have incredible options for staying within your budget. Hit your local chain stores, also, because you’ll probably find great-looking knock-offs for a fraction of the price be it with sunglasses, shoes, belts, handbags, and more.

Find Your Inner Boho

If you envision a free-spirited, laidback style, then it’s time to channel your inner boho vibe. The trendiest way to do this is with colorful bandanas. Oh, yeah, bandanas are hot this season and provide a variety of ways to wear one.

For instance, a bandana updo is a stunning look and one that actress Eva Mendes often sports. It’s chic, very bohemian, and never goes out of style.

A headscarf is excellent for those hot summer days and lets you avoid the frizzies, and the look can be dressed up or down.

Red To Dress Up Your Head

There are some wild, funky colors like hot pink and mint at the moment, but the true trends for dyeing happen to fall into the 50 shades of red category.

If you adore auburn locks, then consider a trip to the salon to achieve the perfect shade of red. According to leading colorists, peach, strawberry blonde, and cinnamon brown are the hottest hues making hair headlines. They’re all a softer take on true red but also very flattering.

Peach is a warm color that enhances many skin tones. Your eyes and skin will glow against the soft shade. Peach also features a fairly low-commitment option when it comes to coloring hair.

Eyes That Dazzle

Another inexpensive way to change up your appearance and turn heads is with your eye color. Let’s be honest, people notice your eyes, and when you turn it up a notch, they can’t stop looking. You can find gorgeous colored contacts under $10 that will enhance your personal style. These beauties look natural and feel comfortable and really make a subtle statement.

Manicures That Welcome Spring

A manicure or pedicure in a new color is another instant way of glamorizing your look for pennies when you do it yourself. Your nails matter and people notice your hands, too. Why not spruce up your wardrobe with some brand new polish swatches?

Some of the trending shades for your fingers and toes include yellow, pastel purple, chartreuse, Barbie pink, terracotta, cotton candy blue, nearly naked nude, and au naturale (clear base coat only).

Challenge yourself, and choose a nail polish shade you’ve never thought of trying, and go for it. It’s a great way to add another layer to your ensemble.

We all have individual looks and preferences. It’s part of who we are as people, and although personal style helps to define us, it’s important to change up our look every so often. You don’t have to bust your budget, either. Try a few of our suggestions here, and get ready for some compliments!