If you are someone who has an appointment for hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, make sure to gather all the imperative deets before getting started. This will allow you to have a clear picture of what precisely will be happening when you enter the chamber. Apart from this, you will also be able to find out what else the therapy brings along. So we have prepared this piece of information where we have explained some common FAQs. Let us have a look at them without any further delay.

What will happen when I come for a consultation?

The consultation will differ from one patient to another. However, there are some basic things that will be common for all. Firstly, you will be checked by a hyperbaric physician who is licensed, certified, and skilled. He will take into consideration your health condition and conduct a history and physical. Apart from this, the physician will also determine if hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy is apt for you or not. In case there are better alternatives, the physician will let you know the same. Nonetheless, if the HBOT is suitable for you, then you will get to communicate with a respiratory professional. He will discuss with you the treatment schedule, precautions you would have to take, risks(if any), and so much more. If you are someone who is will be getting treatment for a chronic wound, the physician will take pictures of the wound and then further steps will be taken.

What will happen to me during the therapy?

The very first stage of the treatment is compression. This is where the chamber is pressurized with the required oxygen. Then, it is with the help of a hood that patients inhale the oxygen. They are given two air breaks. During one break they can drink water and for the other one they can conduct other activities. Once the session is over, the chamber is depressurized by the physician, and the treatment is over.

How long is one session for?

One single hyperbaric oxygen session lasts for about two hours. In very rare cases, this time is extended.

What is the total number of treatments I will need, and what would be the gap?

The number of sessions you might attend depends on what medical condition will be treated. When it comes to the gap between sessions, only one session will take place in a week. The rest will occur accordingly.

Is the HBOT covered under insurance?

Yes, there are some medical settings that cover Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy under insurance. You can always look for them by browsing through the internet and getting the treatment.

The Bottom Line From The Professionals

We hope these questions and answers have been helpful and informative to you. Find out more about the hyperbaric chamber for sale therapy by browsing through the internet. This is one source of information that will provide all the imperative deets you need. Pen down all of it, and make sure to remember the same when going for the treatment.



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