All about Foot Makeup and Care

Our feet need to be well hydrated daily. Here are the right actions for complete hydration and perfect foot care.

Since they are devoid of sebaceous glands, the feet are dry naturally. This is the main reason why you need to moisturize every day without exception. Also, our feet suffer from the fact that they “carry” on a daily basis the weight of our whole body and the skin, as a means of protection, thickens. In winter, our feet suffocate (or freeze!) Under the bottom layers and the boots. In summer, they go barefoot on all surfaces without much care. And that, not to mention the times when they are compressed in uncomfortable shoes. Often, despite being constantly abused, they still hide their care. An error that must be corrected…

Good care for the feet

Caring for your feet should be part of our daily beauty routine. Here are some good things.

Every day

When you go out of the shower or bath, you must first remember to dry our feet well with our towel. Sometimes we forget or we do it quickly and put our stockings on wet feet. Bad habit. So we dry the feet – even between the toes – and apply the cream, the same we use for our body is enough.

If needed

Before going to bed, this is one of the best times to enjoy our feet. Thus, at night, our feet will be at rest and will be entitled to additional hydration. It’s a good habit to take.

Moisturize your feet is good, but also enjoy it as a simple self-massage on all surfaces of our feet. There are many feet massagers are present in the market as well and you can visit the saim deals to read reviews about foot massager and take good care of your feet. 

Every week

We make a scrub to remove dead skin and smooth some surfaces smoothly. It is performed after the shower or bath so that the skin of our feet is already a little flexible. We apply a cream then.

Each month

It’s time for complete foot care.

  • We start by soaking our feet in warm water for about fifteen minutes. We take the opportunity to read and relax.
  • You can add a product for “footbath”, an effervescent capsule, essential oil or soothing salts. The intention is to soften the skin to the maximum.
  • Then, we dry with a towel before passing pumice on our heels and a file on callosities and roughness. This treatment helps to soften the skin of our feet. This is important because of the friction between our feet, our stockings, and our shoes cause the rapid formation of roughness.
  • Then we push back the cuticles and cut the nails. Then we make an express scrub that removes all dead skin to apply a nourishing cream.
  • The cream is applied with circular movements from the calf to the foot, not forgetting the plant and all the toes.


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