Taos is an Australian footwear brand designed for people who love comfort and style mixed in a pair of shoes. The brand name comes from their main design influence, the city of Taos in New Mexico. Its growing popularity started in 2005 and is now getting more attention from both men and women who value structured foot support without compromising the design of their shoes. The brand focuses on both the style and the comfort of the shoes and are known for their active footbed design. 

Footbed Designs

These footbed designs are what sets Taos shoes apart from ordinary brands. Their focus on comfort and addressing foot problems are their main goals.

Curves & Pods Premium

Their removable footbed is called the Curves & Pods Premium. The curves of the footbed are meant to cling to the outline of the foot and provide support. Its metatarsal support helps reduce the strain on the feet, which leads to less pain and fatigue. The arch and heel support are well-structured to provide maximum stability, and the pods serve as a solid cushion that absorbs the impact of daily walking.

Cool Recovery Foam and Soft Support Footbed

This type of footbed is usually incorporated in the sandals line. It offers a cooling gel and cushioning made of delicate microfiber. It also has antibacterial properties which prevent unwanted odour and help keep the foot fresh and clean. It boasts a durable, flexible rubber on the outsole that makes the sandals last longer. 

Types of Footwear from Taos

There are several types of design from this brand – leather and canvas sneakers, boots, and sandals are those that first come to mind.

Leather and Canvas Sneakers

People looking for casual shoes that they can wear from daytime to casual night out with friends can check out Taos collection of canvas sneakers. Among the popular designs are Star Burst, Rubber Soul, Plim Soul, and others. These designs come in different colours and silhouettes. With the trend of partnering white sneakers with pants to dresses, picking out the perfect white canvas sneakers from Taos will be a breeze. 


Taos’ clogs collection also comes with their famous Curves & Pods premium removable footbed. It is orthotic-friendly with its good depth and comfortable fit. While the main purpose of clogs is to protect the foot, the designs from this brand are stylish and level up outfits. The wool lining is very soft, and the outsole is made from flexible rubber, making it easy to walk with. People with plantar fasciitis or heel pains only have good reviews about this product.


This brand offers a wide variety of sandals for women. The styles range from ankle strap platform sandals to open flat sandals with different materials and colours to choose from. Some styles have a polyurethane orthopaedic footbed, and some have their cool recovery foam for greater foot support. These sandals are made for long walks, and the cushion support makes them the most ideal for the better overall health of the foot. 


The boots come in ankle-length, mid-length, and knee-length and are incorporated with the Curves and Pods Premium removable footbeds. They come in different shapes and styles that will cater to any foot and can address foot problems.

Taos Footwear is focused on giving people several designs to choose from, but it also understands the importance of its customers’ overall health and foot health.

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