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As the world is gradually recovering from the aftermath of one of the deadliest pandemics in the history of humankind, people are regaining their fashion sense by combing through the streets of their city. People are finally flocking to cafes and restaurants and breathing in a partially mask-free world. 

Like any other industry affected by the pandemic, the fashion industry is also back with a bang. The designers have been conducting runways that reflect what the previous rollercoaster year has done to people’s wardrobes. The latest collection showcasing popular fashion trends of the upcoming year (2022) genuinely carries the legacy of 2021. 

The designers who predicted that loungewear and athleisure attires would dominate 2021 – when all mostly remained indoors – most possibly cannot be wrong about 2022! Let us review what fashion gurus are predicting for the upcoming year. 

Fashion Styles to Look Forward in 2022 According to Designers 

The face of the fashion industry during 2021 has embraced comfort in clothing like never before. Who could have thought that loungewear and yoga pants would be among the this year’s most popular clothing items? 

Rhinestone Headpieces predicted by Tiffany Briseno 

Attractive female model in white vintage dress with headband looking at camera with peacock feather in hand on black background


If you are a fan of embellishments and accessories, you will love this trend. Designers call this look the “Cleopatra Tiara” and predict it will be the primary red carpet trend in 2022. Big, bold headpieces that bedazzle with rhinestones will make you stand out if you balance them accurately with the rest of the attire. 

Keeping the rhinestone headpiece central to planning your outfit, you can build your whole look around it. Neutralizing a dazzling piece of ornament worn on the head is crucial. Perhaps casual streetwear attire is going to go excellent with the headpiece. 

Body Suits to Suit Up or Down by Micaela Erlanger 

Bodysuits will become the in fashion trend and will be used as the perfect base clothing to assemble your attire for the evening. Carrying the legacy of the lockdown times of being comfy in whatever works for you, wearing bodysuits with a trench coat and pairing with Chelsea boots paints a perfect picture for a formal meetup. 

The fashion statement will combine bodysuits with a casual jacket and platform loafers to dress down while utilizing this trend in the upcoming year. 

Athleisure by Jennifer Bandier 

You are not the only one to become addicted to a sport as a motivation to stay fit during the stay-at-home pandemic times. While everyone had either been whipping Dalgona coffee or baking banana bread, designers were busy observing the shift in the people’s fashion sense. 

To embrace people’s comfort and amalgamate it with fit athletic fashion, designers have keenly interested in supporting a sportier look. A cropped oversized polo and a loose-fit cardigan tightly snuggling around your waist or shoulders with short pleated tennis skirts will look very glamorous in 2022. 

Consider this fashion style as a contemporary take on the old country club fashion. Tennis shoes with socks a little high from ankles will complete one of the favorite fashion styles in the upcoming year. 

Pleated Mini Skirts with Tees 

The pandemic and lockdown have taught us all a lesson that we never knew could be so worthy in fashion, and it is comfort! It is all about comfort in fashion nowadays. Pleated miniskirts will be back next year, making a bold move to incorporate a school-girl fashion trend popular on the streets. Plus-size leather jackets or hoodies will rule this school-girl image. 

The choice of sneakers is going to define a lot about the whole attire. High-tech fluorescent Nike or Hoka ones go well for the fit-girl image, while classics like New Balance and Sambas are going to define the level of comfort reflected into personal fashion sense. 

Monochrome for the Win by Jamie Frankel 

Designers and fashion stylists predict that 2022 will rock the jumpsuit and monochromatic dressing. Fashion is evolving into more of a personal comfort choice. Putting together a dress in public without much effort seems to be the principal thought behind famous fashion trends in 2022. 

Androgynous Wardrobes by Mickey Freeman 

The year 2022 will be nothing other than incorporating personal choices and preferences into fashion. For women, androgynous fashion trends will be the most in-thing in 2022. A plain white tee with boots and a leather jacket will be one of the top female fashion trends. 

Masculinity and femininity in fashion are evolving as newer trends are popping up. Fashion stigmas and stereotypes are blurring, and fashionistas are becoming increasingly independent of choosing fashion over gender. 

Everything Mini 

If you have a miniskirt stashed somewhere in your wardrobe, now is the time to take it out and wear it with confidence. The upcoming fashion seems to be resting on everything teeny tiny – including crop tops, bralettes, and miniskirts.

Cartoon Tees 

woman in black crew neck shirt wearing silver necklace


After surviving through tough times, the world seems to be ready for some laughter. So, the fashion gurus and fanatics are bringing back the cartoon and comic tees in 2022. Childhood cartoon sprawled across bold-colored tee-shirts will be coming back next year. Have some one-liners and famous comic tees ready to align yourself with the ongoing fashion during the upcoming year. 

Bold Colors and Textures 

Upcoming fashion seems to be infusing a more vibrant approach regarding colors and textures. Fashion enthusiasts who also try and stay true to their minimalistic principles can have a lot of fun with this trend. Designers can explore fur with silk and various other textures combined to assemble a style that can lift anybody’s mood! 

Naked Dresses 

Do you remember people falling for Kendal Jenner’s Met Gala look in 2021? She looked absolutely stunning while giving the whole world fitness goals. Naked dresses had been in fashion in 2016 as well, and they are coming back in 2022. Sparkling gowns with body-hugging styles accentuating the body curves will be one of the most popular fashion trends next year. 

Parting Thoughts:

Contrary to popular belief that fashion is only for the runways, a peep into the famous fashion styles of 2022 reveals how incorporating the fashion industry has become. You can love the dazzling ornaments and still rock the fashion charts, or you can love dressing in men’s clothing and be the fashion icon you have always wanted to be. Fashion styles in 2022 are nothing short of an evolved version of fashion that suits everybody. 



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