Feet are the workhorse of our body; their contribution in making a seamless and discomfort-free life is often overlooked till you are affected by a foot condition that makes your daily life very painful. Sydneysiders are not immune to feet problems. In fact, an alarming 49% of Sydneysiders wake up with an arch, heel, or foot pain at least once in seven days. The professional who comes to the rescue in such moments is called a podiatrist sydney every year witnesses a rise in issues related to feet, primarily due to the lifestyle choices made by Sydneysiders. Here is a detailed guide to understanding how a podiatrist can help you resolve any issues related to the foot or lower limbs:

Who is a Podiatrist?

Medical professionals who cater to issues that affect the feet or lower limbs are called Podiatrists.  They diagnose and medicate complications to the feet due to chronic diseases like diabetes and treat injuries related to the feet. They are certified doctors who can prescribe medications, order X-rays and lab tests, perform surgeries, and set broken bones.

What does a Podiatrist treat?

As qualified and certified feet specialist doctors, podiatrists treat conditions associated with the feet, including:

Sprains and Fractures:

Podiatrists treat these frequent injuries to the foot and ankle on a routine basis. They also assist in sports medicine, treating players’ foot ailments and advising them on averting them.

Hammertoes and Bunions:

these are issues related to your feet’ bones. A bunion develops when the joint at the base of your big toe misalign due to toe enlargement. As a result, the toe angles toward the other toes. A hammertoe is a toe that does not bend properly.

Diabetic Complications:

It is a condition in which your body either does not produce or does not use the hormone insulin as it should. Diabetes can harm the nerves in your feet and legs, and you may not be able to get enough blood to them. Diabetes can have devastating consequences. More than 66,000 people have their feet amputated each year due to diabetes. A podiatrist can assist you in avoiding this. If you have diabetes, have any sores or calluses on your feet examined.

Disorder of the Nail: A fungal infection in your nail or an ingrown toenail are examples of these problems. When a side or corner of a nail grows into your toe instead of straight out, you have this condition.


swelling, Inflammation, wear, and strain on your joints cause this. There are 33 joints in each foot. A podiatrist may recommend physiotherapy, medications, custom orthotics, or shoe inserts to help with your arthritis. If alternative therapies don’t work for you, surgery may be a possibility which a podiatrist may recommend or perform personally.

Podiatrist Treatment Method and Procedure:

Your first appointment with a podiatrist will be similar to any other medical appointment. They’ll inquire about your medical records, current prescriptions, and any procedures you’ve had. They’ll examine how you stand and walk, as well as your joint’s range of motion and how well your shoes fit.  Ingrown toenails, Bunions, heel, and lower backache, circulation in your feet if you have diabetes, and foot abnormalities are frequently treated at the initial appointment. To treat your difficulties, the podiatrist may recommend orthotics, padding, or physiotherapy. They may deploy syringes to administer pain medicine, as well as nail splitters or a nail anvil to remove ingrown nails.

Summing Up:

An average Sydneysider would walk 74,000 miles on them by the time they are 45. Feet are intricate structures with several bones, tendons, and ligaments that must all work in unison to keep you moving. It is recommended to visit a podiatrist in Sydney if you experience one of the conditions mentioned above. Your feet put in a lot of effort; hence, providing the best available care to your feet is of paramount importance.



Manisha has always been passionate about writing. She has written her poems, short stories, and articles since her school days. In her professional life, she has worked as a journalist since 2011. Her passion for writing led her to write her debut book, Unhappy Marriage, which gained her many accolades. She currently lives in India.
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