Top 10 Fashion Statement Pieces You Should Own

If you love fashion and appreciate looking well put together, then more than likely you own a couple of statement pieces that you treasure. With fashion constantly evolving, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. A good fashion statement piece will transform a simple outfit into a stunner without doing too much. The main rule is to stick to pieces that match your style and ensure comfort in them. Some statement pieces to add to your closet include;

1. Statement Dress

These types of dresses require little to no effort to be stunning. A bedazzled black dress with a pair of nude heels is enough to make for a head-turning outfit. A good statement dress should save you time and effort while giving maximum results. Your statement dress collection needs to include something for the office, a flowy dress for summer, and a fancy dress for formal dinners and special occasions.

2. Statement Blazer

A versatile blazer is a way to go here. You can pair a statement blazer with a regular dress or pants and instantly uplift the whole look. There are many considerations for making a grand statement blazer, from the pattern, color, and even size. For instance, a multicolored blazer is excellent for work and fit for evening wear.

3. Statement Bottoms

Pants are essential to most people’s wardrobes. Some various prints and colors make a statement bottom. Sleek ankle-length pants are a good fit for the office because they are comfortable and are not too distracting for work. Some Krazy Larry pants are sure to add some elegance and sophistication to your everyday workwear. The wide-legged bottoms are back with a vengeance, and we are here for it.

4. Statement Clutch and Purse

Purses and clutches are not just for throwing in all the things we need when we are out and about, they also add to your overall outfit. A statement clutch can be what is missing to make your look complete. The key to making a grand statement clutch is to let it be the star of the show and keep your outfit and accessories minimal.

5. Statement Shoes

These can be a pair of heels, loafers, or even trainers. Long gone are the days when people used trainers for just jogging now there are so many designs on them as per your taste and preferences. You can wear a pair of sneakers with a suit for a bright casual look to stand out. Custom sneakers are the best definition of statement shoes which explains why they are so popular. 

The embellishments on shoes don’t need to be extravagant to get the job done. Heels are an essential part of work outfits. The great thing about statement heels is that they don’t need designs or patterns. The shape and color will make them stand out; even nude pumps make statement footwear.

6. Statement Jewelry

You can make mismatched earrings your statement piece. You can wear different shapes and designs on each ear to make you stand out. Body chains, bracelets, chunky gold chains, and detailed necklaces are superb ways to make heads turn. Wearing multiple rings can be the look that sets you apart, and people are sure to remember you after you meet.

7. Statement Blouse

Adding volume to the sleeves of your blouse is a definite way to make a statement. Recent trends include mixing fabrics and colors and adding jewels to transform a blouse. Off-shoulder tops are such a good fit for summer.

8. Statement Hats

An oversized sun hat will protect you from the scorching sun and make you look fashionable as well. Dig into your inner artist and add a bedazzled beret to your outfit for a chic look.

9. Statement Sunglasses

Vintage and wide-framed glasses have a way of adding sophistication. The frame can have different prints and materials that attract attention to your face. Two-tone glasses add color and can take a look from basic to stunning.

10. Statement Vest

With vests, a good bet is to have a long dramatic vest. It can be made of denim or faux leather and be worn over a dress, pants, or skirt. Vests are a comfortable way to add class to your look when it’s warm, and you cant wear a jacket.


The golden rule with statement pieces is to choose what looks good on you and customize it how you like. Comfort is vital for that extra boost of confidence and glamour.