In general, photography is a form of art, but fashion photography mainly is an advance artistic form of art.  Fashion photography came into presence when the concept of capturing beautiful models having on those great dresses to sell.

Till then, this kind of photography becomes trendy. It is one of the largest and profit-making areas of photography as well.  Now the world of fashion photography is fast enough. It concentrates on posing, massive lighting, portraiture, and best locations.

Every fashion photographs need to edit their images. Fashion photography editing is essential to get the highest impression in the fashion world.  Usually, various techniques are used for fashion photography editing, which is often used to give the image an almost immaculate appearance.

Today in this article, we will discuss some basic fashion photography editing tips that modern photography has brought into the game.

What is fashion photography?

Fashion photography is a model presenting a beautiful dress. It is a set of elements related to jewelry, clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Over time, fashion photography has evolved and developed it’s own aesthetic, where clothing and accessories, while remaining the protagonists, are often accompanied by stories, places, and exotic environments prepared by photographers to achieve said entity.

The main purpose of fashion photography is to sell products, so being aware of the latest trends in fashion and business will be essential.

As a professional, you must capture the demands of designers, artists, and brands to be able to translate them into photographs that combine the commercial with the artistic and thus cause the desired impact.

Top 6 best fashion photography editing tips:

1. Open Photo in Photoshop

First of all, you need to open your fashion images in Photoshop. You will get two ways: dropping or dragging the photo and open image on the file option. You can only drag an image from your folders. Then you can drop it into the canvas of Photoshop. Also, you can open a photo in Photoshop by clicking Ctrl + O. 

2. Take a Path Layer:

Now you need to take a path layer to outline the dress. Thus you can change the color of the clothing later. Although we want to change the color of the dress, we need to go through the image editing process, which is a clipping path.

Nevertheless, without taking a path layer you can’t do clipping path. You will find many layers in Photoshop. It is one such layer which assists you to do difficult editing.

3. Eliminate imperfections:

Thanks to some digital tools, removing grains, wrinkles, or even facial expression marks, do not pose any problem. The process is straightforward, and for this, we will use two tools: the spot corrector brush and the clone buffer.

The first is recommended for smaller elements, such as polka dots or grains. We just have to mark that imperfection and automatically detect the pixels around it to fill the area we have selected.

On the other hand, the clone buffer allows us to select precisely where we want to take the sample we are going to copy.

It is a more manual method than the previous one, but also much more precise, eliminating aspects, for example, dark circles quickly. However, it is recommended to use a low opacity so that the union of the fragments occurs more naturally.

4. Modify silhouette:

It is one of the methods most subject to controversy since it is usually used to thin the figure, pronounce the curves, and increase the size of the eyes or lips.

It can be done in many ways, but perhaps one of the easiest is to use the Photoshop liquefier filter. Once selected, a window appears with several handy tools to modify the image at our whim.

We can use the deflate tool to create a smaller nose or to inflate to increase the size of the lips. Also, we also have the tool deform, with which you can change even the expression of the subject photographed. As you can imagine, it is a simple way to perform this task, and you cannot abuse it, especially when we want to obtain a realistic result.

6. Enhance contours:

It consists of modifying the illumination of the image at our whim. With this, we will get to pronounce various details of the face or body. Through the play of light and shadow, we can, for example, increase the presence of a sit-up.

The tools indicated for this can be the expose too much or not, by which we can also change if we want to work on dark spots. Of course, before editing duplicates the first layer because they are damaging tools that improve the photo straight away.

Ceramic skin:

After deleting many of the issues shows one of the following touches is commonly to get a skin that appears like porcelain.

Even if you can consider various steps for it and one more destructive than another, the effect is usually to blur the image.

For this, the steps to follow are usually the following:

  • Duplicate the main layer.
  • Add a Gaussian blur filter (with a radius of about 2 pixels).
  • Add a layer mask and invert the selection (CTRL + I).
  • Using the brush with the white color as the front, the smoothing is added, and with the black color, it is eliminated.

Best background removal services to get better fashion photography:

Getting the best background removal services are very important for fashion photography. The total photography goes waste if the background of your fashion photograph is not convincing enough. The first appearance of your photography is not always best. You may capture an image from a location, but you don’t like its background.

So you want to change the background of that location. Then you should go through the best background removal services to get better fashion photography.

Photoshop is one of the best and most helpful photo editing tools that can help you to bring back the desired look of your fashion photography. Thus you can display the best fashion photography to get consumers with maximum sales. 


Your fashion photographs are, of course, your most liked thing, which you don’t want to lose. So if you’re going to make them more beautiful & attractive, then you should go through expert designers.

Here at, our expert group of professionals edits these fashion photographs by removing any kinds of uncertain issues using the advanced photo editing tools.

We are dedicated to confirming our customers get their fashion images edited to their satisfactory needs & even make them better than they were before.


 Author Bio:

Salim Ahmed is the founder of Graphic Experts India, an offshore graphics house for Photoshop Clipping Path services. Besides, he is a Photographer and Blogger. He likes to share tips and tricks on Photography, photo editing, and graphic design!




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