In 2020, many people have been addicted to fashion, In this article, I’m gone to show you some interesting facts of fashion addiction this holiday season.

What is fashion?             

fashion is a popular expression at a particular time and place for all especially in dress, makeup , hairstyle, accessories, sunglasses and body language.

In 19s the Messy Bun, Flowers are trending hairstyles for women, and for men Caesar, Bowl Cut is trending hairstyles. But now in 2020 Low Fade with Long Fringe, High Fade with Fohawk and Design are fashion and trending hairstyles for men and women Chic Asymmetric Haircut, Curly Thick Haircut are trending hairstyles in 2020. by year by year the fashion change up to their styles and attitude.

 likewise also the dress in 19s khaki pants, camouflage pants are trending and attractive pants for men and for women denim style, flared and wide-leg is trending and attractive pant styles. but in 2020 While shorter-than-short hot pants are trending and attractive for women and for men Short + Cropped, High-Waisted Skinny Jeans are trending and attractive pants for men likewise only all fashionable things change according to years and men and women’s attitude.

Fashion addicted this holiday season

 In the holiday season, all peoples are more addicted to fashion and trend clothes .so I have picked up trending and fashionable clothes and accessories for you .I hope these clothes and accessories surely impress you

1.Chunky Boot

The chunky boot is a women’s accessories. As sweater weather approaches, it’s essential to stay your feet warm and dry. This season, when choosing a pair of shoes for the temperature, you can’t look past chunky boots. Featuring a coffee heel and rubber platform, these are a cushy and sleek choice to wear with a female dress or jeans. They’re perfect for an evening out on the town or a rehearse the park – it instantly adds a grunge twist to your outfit. For the last word badass look in 2020, choose a knee-high silhouette with a mini skirt – put a ’90s spin on this stylish ensemble and be a true head-turner.

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2. Cross-Body Bags

This is men’s accessories. Keep your belongings safe and sound with an excellent stylish crossbody bag. Whether it’s a messenger-style or something small and neat, these are an excellent thanks to secure your stuff and roll in the hay fashionably. If the strap is just too long for your liking, tie a little knot in it, and you’ll have a singular addition to your collection. this is often an excellent thanks to juice up an outfit and maybe a practical thanks to roll in the hay.

3. Aviator Sunglasses by McQ™

This is men accessories MQ0196S Aviator Sunglasses by McQ™. Arguably the foremost masculine of sunglasses styles, the “aviator” is synonymous with the birth of the fashionable air force. Developed within the 1930s, aviator sunglasses or “pilot’s glasses” became a trend-proof addition to men’s accessories because of their association with military greats and fly leading men.

4. Oversized Victorian Sleeves

This is women clothes. You’ve heard of Statement Sleeves but did you recognize there are many types? Oversized Victorian sleeves are one among them, and here’s why you would like them in your wardrobe. Wearing huge puffs of cloth on your arms harks back to the times of Victoria . within the 18th century, sleeves helped define the feminine figure.

5. Shoes Worn Over Pants

This is women’s pants. There is a replacement head-turning fashion that will make certain to urge people talking and literally turns a glance inside out. It’s a really simple trick that will transform your stylish footwear quickly. Simply tie the laces of your high heels round the bottom of your trouser leg.

Final words

I hope this article is very helpful for you. And try-out the accessories and clothes.



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