Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by incessant workloads? Feel like having a time-out? Taking a break and going to someplace serene is the best option in such scenarios. Taking a break is not just a ‘fun’ activity, but it has more significant benefits. For example, spending some time with one’s family on a Village Retreat can recharge one’s body, mind, and soul.


Research shows that working people today work longer and take fewer days for vacationing and retire late. This situation does not sound like good news and is a recipe for a stressful life.

The whole point of earning money is to enjoy one’s life to the fullest. When one cannot take the time out for doing that, the delicate balance of life is lost. Working should not result in missing out on life. The reason why workers take fewer days for vacation is due to a variety of reasons. One of them is the fear of lay-offs due to the risk of appearing less committed.


Studies show that taking some time off from work can cause a significant improvement in one’s physical/ psychological health. Those who take breaks have

  • Lower stress levels
  • Reduced risk of coronary heart and other metabolic diseases
  • Improved outlook on life
  • Higher motivation levels


Stress has become infamous for being a killer today. It contributes to a range of diseases, including heart ailments and high blood pressure. In an interesting study, researchers found that animals do not become victims to a wide range of illnesses attributed to stress.

Hypertension and ulcers are uniquely human problems that are primarily due to the increasing pressures of daily life. Taking a vacation at least once in two years will reduce the risk of ailments.

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Studies in Neuroscience show that prolonged exposure to stress causes an increase in the production of the hormone cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol in the body impedes the functioning of organs and interrupts metabolism. High levels of the stress hormone in one’s body further contribute to depression and anxiety.

Choosing to stay away from stress-inducing environments can help calm the nerves. Resting in a peaceful resort or opting for a village retreat will prove to be a beneficial decision that the body will thank for in the long run.

Low-stress environments bring down the stress hormones’ level in the body and heal the mind, which is not possible otherwise. A mind cannot heal in the same place where it got stress. A change of locale is a prescription to experience calmness.


Physical health and well-being is not the only thing that matters. A general feeling of happiness acts as a motivation for all human striving. So, engaging in different happiness-inducing activities will raise one’s happiness quotient.

It has been said time and again that people who travel or take breaks often are comparatively far happier than those who do not. Studies show that even a four-day vacation improves the

  •  Mood
  • Quality of sleep
  • Less complaining and
  •  Lower cortisol levels.


Having quality personal time is integral to remain lucid in a world of chaos. And this requires getting away from the madness of bustling city life and seeking solace in a serene environment. One will experience overall satisfaction with their life when they are more in-tune with themselves by reconnecting in a calming atmosphere.


After vacation, the participants of a study showed higher rates of productivity and were more focused on their work. Chronic stress alters part of the brain and impairs the functioning of specific centres in the brain responsible for problem-solving and decision-making. People become more distracted and seem directionless under high stress. It can also cause problems with memory and reduce the capacity to remember. Time-off will kickstart the brain to keep it functioning optimally.


Spending time off not just improves one’s personal life but also family life. There is strong bonding, which occurs when people spend more time with their loved ones. It sustains relationships and keeps the bond firm. The monotonous daily routine leaves no time for familial interaction. A change of location will prove as a motivation to engage with others deeply.

Social interaction improves when people travel more. It is caused by exploring new places, taking in new sights, meeting new people, etc. They relate with others better and show more empathy.


Travel and change of location impart vigour to a tired mind. Travelling changes perspective and amplifies all emotions. So, take a break often and go into the wilderness to explore the world.

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