You’ve found the perfect dress but choosing the right accessories to go with your outfit can be tricky. Many of us tend to forget to put as much consideration into accessories as we do into selecting the right clothing. Accessorizing can sometimes be quite tedious or confusing and we may just decide to go without accessories rather than make a mistake with them.

If we get accessories right, though, we feel fabulous. Shoes, belts, jewelry, gloves, tights, and all others that can take you to the next level. There is a huge difference between getting dressed and being stylish, especially for a night out.  A night out in a perfect dress is one of the moments that every trendy gal always remembers. In this article, we will help you accessorize to achieve a great look and to use accessories to compliment your figure.

Unless you are one of those 5-foot-10, 110-pound models, you need to carefully choose from the accessories for an evening look. You want your accessories to be balanced and not overdone. Too much, or the wrong jewelry, can distract from your outfit and draw attention away from your best features. For example, if your hips are wide, you can wrap the silk around your shoulders and your bust can create an even look. An evening jacket, whether tied or ruffled, can be wrapped snugly around your neck and it creates the opposite effect, making your hips appear huge.

Round up your girlfriends and get your party clothes on! It’s a girl’s night out and you want to look your best so here are a few must-have accessories to glamorize your evening.

Wristlet and Clutch

Adding a wristlet can keep your valuables at hand while you enjoy the evening. A standard clutch can create a more chic look and is a perfect bag for an evening with your friends. Just remember, a clutch is not easy to keep with you on the dance floor… so if your night out includes dancing, you may want to consider a handbag with a shoulder strap or always having a friend volunteer to stay behind to watch purses!

Statement Necklace

If you are into glitters, there is no better glam statement than a necklace. Look for a style that fits your dress and brighten up with a black dress or a pair of jeans and heels. Large, chunky necklaces and chokers are all the rage this season. Grab a bold and unique piece to finish your evening look.

Statement Necklace

Chiffon Kimono

Chiffon Kimono

The weather may cool down in the evening a bit. Be prepared with a chic style chiffon kimono that you can put on over your evening outfit to provide some additional warmth. Easy to carry and take on and off, a chiffon kimono adds glamor and is a practical piece for chilly fall nights.

Aesthetic Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are small decorative pins made with a metal base and colored enamel that is used to create a design or image on the surface. These pins are worn on clothing or bags, or used as accessories to express individuality and personal style.

They come in different varieties such as soft enamel, hard enamel etc.

You can style a hard enamel pin that matches the theme of your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a retro-inspired outfit, you can choose a pin with a vintage design. So it will make your style a fashion statement if you wear it on any night outs.

A Snug Hat

Fall evenings can be chilly. It is best to prepare for any change in temperature with a soft handy hat that is easy to keep in a bag or your coat pocket. Berets are the perfect protection and accessory for women for keeping their ears cozy on a night with their friends.

  • Wear simple, neutral, monotone accessories for areas you don’t want to be highlighted. Black, tan, or navy blue can work well. 
  • Bright accessories can draw the eye to your best features. If you want to show off some curves, save the beading and embellished multicolor pieces for the areas you want to accentuate

The Statement Earring

Another cool trend for fall is the statement earring. Big, bold, and styles for every outfit, these earrings are a must-have for fall! These earrings pull the eye up and amp up any outfit. Statement earrings are available for every budget and occasion and one of our favorite trends for fall.

Styling has a lot to do with the feel of an outfit. For example, black leather pumps and an orange hobo bag would be too clunky with your red mini dress.  A silver clutch bag, and strappy sandals would be a better match along with a silver Cuban link chain. With harmony and balance, you must know the golden rule in accessorizing. Never overdo it. The key to a fall fashion night out is to dress in layers and always look chic.

There is nothing wrong with a little experimenting and risk if you pay attention to your body shape and what works with the outfit. Also, know when how much is too much and you can never go wrong. There is always next night out to get it right.

Bold, chunky jewelry and statement pieces are really hot this fall. From earrings to bangles, don’t be afraid to go big! Add a clutch purse and some cute heels to finish your evening look. Just take care to avoid too much jewelry and other accessories, so you remain the star of the evening!

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