10 Interesting Facts About Gucci

When you think of high-end designer brands, Gucci is one of the first to come to mind. Gucci is one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands that have multiple products for men and women. Since 2015, thanks to the advice of the creative director, Alessandro Michele, the brand has consolidated its brand image with a maximalist aesthetic coveted by all. Here, you can find some facts about Gucci that made it the fashion powerhouse.

10 Interesting facts about Gucci

Gucci was started as a leather company.

Founder Mr. Gucci Guccio initially established the brand first as a little leather luggage and goods company. The brand was created in Florence, Italy, in 1921. 

Gucci was inspired by horses.

Gucci’s main sponsors are the “aristocrats on horseback” who preferred the brand for their equestrian equipment. This is where the brand’s popular Horse bit feature comes from.

The story behind Gucci flora print scarf

The famous silk scarf with floral print was started in 1966 at the special request of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, and designed by Rodolfo Gucci, the son of the founder Guccio.

Adapting business in 2nd world war

The ever-popular Bamboo Shopper was created due to the shortage of foreign supplies during the 1940s. With limited stocks, the brand pioneered the bamboo handle and catapulted the brand to success in 1947.

Gucci family

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the brand suffered greatly from a high-profile family feud. This brand was only beginning to recover its public image when Tom Ford was appointed as a Creative Director in 1994. Ford brought a sense of tradition and innovation back to the brand.  

First runway show

Sixty years after Gucci founded the brand, the company held its first show in 1981. It was held in Florence, Italy, where it all began.  

Reinventing products

Gucci has regularly reinvented the products. It looks such as the Jackie bag, the Bamboo Shopper, and the Flora motif season after season, continually reinventing them for the new audiences.  Now, you can find various products under this brand, including perfumes, accessories for people, designer handbags for women, and ready-to-wear dresses for men.

The era of Alessandro

Alessandro Michele took over the brand’s artistic direction in 2015 and completely revolutionized the Italian fashion house. Its aesthetic incorporates a maximalist aesthetic with the use of colorful and tousled ready-to-wear accessories. 


Gucci hosted its pre-spring/summertime season 2017 series at Westminster Abbey in London. The emblem became the primary style residence to host a runway display on this ancient location. 

Value of Gucci

The emblem performs no video games to make a living as an emblem or construct a sturdy team. The emblem’s rank is 36 on Forbes Worlds’ Most Valuable Brands List and got 60th rank for Best Employers in New Grads list. 

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