Eyelashes are a significant part of the eye, if not the body, but your face’s look can also be determined by how you choose to style it. It starts by choosing the right style of eyelash extension you want to get along with getting good quality lash supplies and affordable. Here is a list of the various kinds of eyelash extensions that you can get:

Mink Eyelashes

Mink lashes are derived from the tail hair of Siberian and Chinese minks. Siberian minks provide the highest quality fur, and it’s also the most coveted. Unless you’re new to eyelash extensions and prefer a more natural look, mink may be the way to go. It most nearly resembles the appearance and shine of your natural lashes. Mink is a soft and fluffy material. What are the drawbacks? If you are allergic or sensitive to animal fur, you should avoid wearing mink lashes. Similarly, if you have ethical reservations about the care of minks or the use of their fur, you may opt out. Mink is also pricey.

Sable Eyelashes

Sable is finer and fluffier than mink. It is the most lightweight material available for extended use. Lash specialists exclusively suggest it for people with the most beautiful natural lashes. It’s also not as common as mink so that you won’t find it at every salon. The disadvantages of mink are the same as those of sable: If you are allergic to animal fur, avoid wearing sable lashes.

Fox Eyelashes

Fox fur lash extensions are now widespread. Fox fur lashes are a delicate, reddish tone in their natural condition. They can also be seen with black tips or colored in an ombré pattern. If you’re interested in fox extensions, be sure to look around. They are not available at every salon.

While animal fur lash extensions are light and resemble natural eyelashes, they must be permed to curl. This implies that they will necessitate some maintenance on your part. To keep the curl, you’ll need to perm them yourself. Fur lashes may be for you if appearing gorgeous is all in a day’s job. On the other hand, if you despise ironing and want to save money, there are numerous artificial alternatives.

Silk Eyelashes

These lashes are labeled “silk,” although they are not made of natural silk, such as that found in a shirt or scarf. Silk lashes are mid-weight, which means they’re thicker and less pleasant for most individuals than faux-mink or faux-fox lashes. They are better suited for a comprehensive event look rather than everyday use.

Synthetic Eyelashes

The thickest and least natural-looking lashes on your eyes are synthetic lashes. They have a shine to them instead of the smooth luster of human or animal fur lashes. Some people complain that they are excessively hefty for their eyelids.

XD Eyelashes

Volume lashes are one of the most recent trends. Your lash artist will attach 2-6 highly lightweight lashes to each of your lashes with this type of extension. You have a choice from 2D to 6D. The majority of volume lashes are composed of silk or mink. Because volume lashes are applied differently than regular eyelash extensions, they will take longer to install and cost more.

How to maintain eyelashes?

Finally, keep in mind that long-term use of eyelash extensions might harm the hair follicles. Also, even if you use them for a considerable amount of time, you should buy your lash supplies from a renowned seller to get the best quality for your eyes. Because lash extensions need some tugging and strain, they might weaken or damage your lashes. To keep your lashes healthy, you should consider taking a vacation from extensions regularly.



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