Getting Eyelash Extensions For Your Wedding

It’s the wedding season, and you know what this means! Planning, discovering, and shopping for your big day 24/7! If you are thinking about experiencing the best of the best, and you want to treat yourself with high-quality and luxury items, you are exactly where you need to be! In this article, we will teach you everything about the most important and final step to your big day: your makeup. With the ultimate and long-lasting makeup, you will easily conquer the world, feel like a real queen during the event, and enjoy the ceremony worry-free! How? You ask. With a hot makeup solution: lash extensions.

How To Do Your Makeup For Your Big Day

Once you have everything prepped and ready to go, such as your foundation, your beaming highlighters, and your kiss-proof lipstick, it is time for the next big step: your eyes. If you are a minimalistic lover rather go for a neutral subtle eyeshadow. If you prefer some drama you can do a cut crease or even a smokey eye! Either way, once you are done stay away from mascaras or lash curlers, and definitely stay away from glue-on lashes. Why? Since you’ll be using lash extensions!

Why You Should Get Lash Extensions For Your Wedding: The Top 5 Reasons

 1. Longevity

If you are a fan of long-lasting and bulletproof solutions, baby these are it! Lash extensions, once properly glued on and applied to your eyelids, will last you for 3-4 weeks! Not only that this is an amazing lifespan, but this makes them ideal for your big day since you know that they won’t move or go anywhere! Unlike the typical glue-on lashes which can rip apart after you shed only a tear. You’ll probably be shedding a lot of these. Either way, if you need a makeup item that will survive through anything go for lash extensions and make sure a setting spray is also in your ‘must-have’ pile. If you are looking for Eyelash extensions Las Vegas. Nabnailbar provides the best services in Las Vegas Microblading.

Eyelash Extensions For Your Wedding, eyelash extensions or false eyelashes for wedding, Cry Proof Solution

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2. Cry Proof Solution

Speaking of tears, you probably want your makeup to stay put, right? Well, you can cry all you want and not move a single eyelash because they are cry-proof and waterproof! These lashes won’t smudge or fall apart but will stay perfectly in place. This is why these are a way better option than your mascaras or lash curlers. Think about it. Just by blinking or tearing your eyes your favorite mascara can smudge, and leave you with that unflattering panda eye for your wedding, and that ain’t a glamorous look. However, lash extensions will stay flawless and won’t create bad imagine during your big dance, the kiss, or even when cutting the cake.

3. Comfortable And Customizable

If you are a picky person no worries; you get to choose your eyelash shape, thickness, and length! Once you get to your chosen salon and have the talk with your lash lady, you will actually realize that they can help you out and give you advice on what to do, and what to avoid. In fact, many lash experts believe that you should rather start slow and add some natural volume, and only in a matter of months upgrade to something a bit more serious (such as the well-known Russian volume lashes). Also, if you talk the process through with your lash esthetician, they will help you get comfortable lashes which are customized per your eyelid and your eye shape, and who wouldn’t want a custom solution for their big day?

4. Worth Your Buck

Lash extensions can usually range anywhere from $30-100, based on your place of living, as well as the salon’s reputation. Also, they are an amazing purchase due to the fact that they will last you for 3-4 weeks. This means that they can cover the entire length of your wedding, but also your honeymoon! You will have a waterproof solution once you get to the Maldives, or wherever it is that you are headed. Nothing will smear, or cause your lashes to break in half, as long as you don’t rub your eyelids too long, and make sure you avoid alcohol-based products! By avoiding alcohol as well as mascaras, you will enjoy your lashes for the longest time possible and will justify their price point easily.

Eyelash Extensions For Your Wedding, eyelash extensions or false eyelashes for wedding, Cry Proof Solution

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5. Great For Pictures

You can look fabulous in your pictures, no matter which camera you use. Regular as well as front cameras can capture the beauty of your eyes and will give you the best memory which you will cherish forever. Also, in case of an emergency (aka crying, your foundation smearing, or your lipstick cracking) the beauty of your eyes will hide these little imperfections and will make your lash extensions the star of the show. These will be the focal point in every picture you take and will give you that level of confidence that you didn’t know you had. They will also come in handy when you’re at your honeymoon, drinking cocktails, enjoying life, and not wearing anything else besides sunscreen and your lashes in every single picture.