Eyelash extensions are growing more popular by the day. As an alternative to piling on mascara, those interested in extending their eyelashes have a new way to achieve their beauty goals. Since the start of false eyelashes, designs have only become more realistic. 

A primary focus on eyelash extensions is pairing them with eye shape. An understanding of your shape will give you more insight into the lash styles you’re most interested in, as well as those you find to be the most flattering for the shape of your eyes. Once you have an idea of your eye shape, you can try out different lash designs to find the pairings that work best for you. 

In addition to learning more about eyelash extension types and styles, you’ll also need to factor in your personal preferences. With your lash technician, you can discuss the lashes you’re most interested in and create a game plan together. For more info on how to select your ideal eyelash extensions, here’s the 101 on everything you need to know about Ellipse Eyelash Extensions. 

Know your eye shape.

To pair your Ellipse Eyelash Extensions with your eyes nicely, you need to understand the length disruption and the general shape that various styles create on the eyes. The shape that you consider for your extensions will have a drastic influence on how your extensions look. Although everyone’s eyes are uniquely their own, there are general eye shapes that you can refer to determine the overall shape of your eye. Common shapes that your eye shape may fall under include: 

  • almond
  • wide-set
  • close-set
  • down-turned
  • small eyes
  • hooded
  • deep-set
  • protruding 
  • upturned
  • round

Note: A general search for these eye shapes will bring up consistent images for reference. 

Ellipse Eyelash Extension Styles

Gain a general understanding of extension styles so that you can communicate effectively with your eyelash technician. If you get familiar with the Ellipse Eyelash Extensions shapes, you can more efficiently decide on the best pairings for your eyelashes. Common eyelash extension styles include: 

  • cat eye 
  • doll style
  • squirrel eye
  • natural eye
  • open eye
  • staggered
  • wispy
  • custom
  • colored/highlighted

Note: A general search for these eyelash extension shapes will bring up consistent images for reference. 

Eyelash Length Considerations 

Keep in mind that Ellipse Eyelash Extensions typically range from 5mm-18mm. Most technicians will not move past 15 mm in length or under 8 mm. To determine the lash length that will work for your eyes, remember to factor in how long your natural eyelashes are, the size of your eyes, the amount of space you have on your eyelids, and how intense of a look you want to achieve. Be sure to speak with your eyelash technician about having variations in length for a defined, voluminous look. 

Get the look you want for your eyes.

Choosing the right set of Ellipse Eyelash Extensions is a trial-and-error process. Take your time with your selections and communicate with your lash technician openly so you get what you really want in your eyelash extensions. 



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