Eye makeup – that one part of your entire makeup that changes your entire makeup. But, it is also that part of your makeup that is extremely difficult to ace. So if you are a beginner and you want to nail your eye makeup game on point then this blog is specially meant for you.

The best eye makeup is only possible when you practice. And by practice, we mean lots of practice and makeup play time. It does not matter if it looks funny or weird at first, keep playing around with your makeup goodies and soon you will be a pro at it. Some days you might look like a sad little panda with grey and black eyes, but fret not! Keep at it, and soon you will be acing your eye makeup game better than the best makeup artists!

Prep & Prime

The first and foremost step for the best eye makeup ever is to prep and prime your eyes well. A good dose of hydration will ensure a good finish for your makeup. Firstly, make sure you use a good eye crème and prep your eyelids and under your eyes well. This will keep the skin around your eyes well-hydrated. The next step is to use a primer. Now, when you apply your eye makeup primer, make sure you don’t rub it in too much. Gently apply it and then lightly tap it in with your ring finger. This will help in setting your primer gently. In case you don’t have an eye makeup primer, don’t worry! You can use your regular primer after applying your eye cream. This will work in the same way as your eye makeup primer.


When you watch eye makeup tutorials, you might have seen makeup artists creating a light shade base before beginning with eye makeup. This light-shaded base is important for your eye shadow colours to pop and look bright. Applying a concealer also ensures that your eye makeup will last really long. The best part about applying a concealer is that the colours of your eye shadow look as bright as your palette. Once you are done applying your concealer, avoid powdering your base. Start off directly with colours of your choice. This will ensure bright popping colour pigments.

Use your fingers

As a beginner, using a brush or a blender might seem difficult. So as a beginner, for the best eye makeup look use your fingers. Check out a few eye makeup tutorials on how beginner-level makeup artists use their fingers to create amazing yet easy eye makeup looks. Always remember to use your ring finger when you are doing your eye makeup, as this finger has the lowest pressure and will not harm or hurt your eyes.

Another cool reason to use your fingers for your eye shadow is, your fingers tend to warm the colour pigment and when you apply it on your skin, the colour pop really well. In comparison to a brush or a blender, your fingers work well in terms of colour deposition.

Best eyeliner for beginners

For the best eyeliner for beginners, we recommend that you watch a few eye makeup tutorial hack videos. Some hacks for the best eyeliner for beginners are really cool and extremely easy to do. Make sure you pick a waterproof eyeliner for a long lasting effect. And if you are a beginner, then an eyeliner pen would be the best option. 

Now here’s an eyeliner hack that you can try. The tape method for perfect winged eyeliner is one of the most common ones to try out. All you need to do is take a piece of adhesive tape and place it aligned with the tip of your brow. Next, draw a line along the tape towards the inner center part of your eyelid. After creating your initial wing frame, start stroking from the inner corner of your eyes and join it towards the center. Now fill up the strokes wherever needed. Your perfect wings are done! 

Now that your perfect winged eyeliner is done, you can now finish it off with your kohl kajal. Apply your kajal on your lower water line for a complete look. And, if you want a bold look then apply your kajal on your upper waterline as well. This will completely change your look. 

These were a few of the simple tips and tricks you can surely try out the next time you want your eye makeup to look perfect. 



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