The perks of living in big cities come with the perils of having an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress, poor air quality, and no work-life balance give rise to a gamut of killer diseases. The worst part is that neighboring small suburbs also feel the heat as they house a sizable working population that is forever spilling from larger-than-life cities into smaller hubs. Heart-related diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis have thus seen a surge in recent times. Not only do they throng people in cities like Sydney that boast of a humongous central business district but also close-by, crowded suburbs like Miranda. But, while people in the more prominent suburbs and cities have options aplenty to kickstart their exercise regime and take a step towards healthy living, where does one start finding a suitable exercise physiologist in Miranda?

The need for regular exercise cannot be stressed enough! It is the least you can do to combat your stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. There are many reasons people avoid exercise, with time constraints being the most common excuse. Factors like injury, poor health, and a lack of knowledge also play a significant role. And that’s where an exercise physiologist comes into the picture.

Who Is an Exercise Physiologist?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are qualified and trained allied health professionals who specialize in designing and demonstrating safe and effective exercise interventions for people. They are especially of use to people with chronic medical conditions, injuries, or disabilities. 

Reasons You Should See an Exercise Physiologist

There are various reasons to consult an exercise physiologist. Listed below are some of the most common (and essential) cases:

You’re Living With a Chronic Condition

In chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, anxiety, etc., diet and exercise play a crucial role. While your nutritionist will look into the diet part, an exercise physiologist will help you navigate these health complications by prescribing exercises suitable for your condition. They possess adequate skills and expertise to recommend safe exercises that are tailored individually for your needs. If you’re suffering from a chronic condition, ensure that your nutritionist, physiologist, and doctor are working together to rebuild your health holistically.

You’re Experiencing Chronic Pain

If you’ve been living chronic pain for a while and have tried every hack in the book to relieve it, it is time you see an exercise physiologist. Post studying your injury and taking your overall health history into consideration, the physiologist will put you on a suitable exercise calendar to heal your pain.

You’re Recovering From an Injury

Once the physiotherapist starts work on you, a physiologist then comes into the picture to help you further recover from the injury in their scientific way. They will further assist with your recovery and reduce your risk of re-injury.

You’re Pregnant or Have Recently Given Birth

Your body undergoes changes at many levels when you’re expecting a baby or have recently delivered one. Exercise performed under guided supervision can help new and expectant mothers to a great extent. An exercise physiologist is qualified to prescribe pre and post-natal workouts. It is hence crucial to seek the best one you can afford. While consulting a physiologist during pregnancy is common in the cities, it is slowly catching up with women in the smaller hubs. Since happy and healthy moms raise happy and healthy babies, go the extra mile of asking your friends and acquaintances while also researching the best exercise physiologist in Miranda.

You’re Living With a Mental Condition 

An exercise is a powerful tool for preventing and managing mental health conditions like depression, OCD, and anxiety. Therefore, exercise physiologists are uniquely qualified to prescribe exercise practices to those living with mental illness.

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