Investing in designer bridal sarees is every woman’s dream, as these beautifully made sarees are equivalent to any haute couture pieces. Many big labels and fashion houses have mastered creating these fabulous designer bridal sarees. Most of these designers use premium fabrics and also have delicate hand-woven designs on them, so you must pay attention to the aftercare. As a bride, each and every outfit that you wear is an expensive shopping choice; the more you take care of them, the more you can use them for years to come. So here are some tips for maintaining these designer clothing: 

Arrange your wardrobe to store it well:

As a tradition, you would have seen your mothers or grannies use cotton or muslin bags to keep their wedding sarees. Storing your designer bridal sarees in proper condition and setup plays a crucial role in maintaining them for a long time. So using cloth bags to keep them is the easy solution here as you do not want these designer bridal sarees to get mixed with other fabrics you have. 

Using the right product:

To maintain the shine of the fabric, you must ensure that it is washed using products that do not have any harsh chemicals. It is always advised to use protein shampoos and color fixers so that they do not lead to any damage to the fabric. These products are generally considered high-end products that are made from good quality ingredients that are safe for your designer clothes. As these sarees are made from delicate fabrics, there is a higher risk of discoloration. 

Avoid using metal railings and hangers:

At times, the materials used to make your wardrobe go bad with time. It is seen that the metal used in the wardrobe or even the metal hanger often erodes with time and damages the clothes. It is better to select a wardrobe with better quality materials as, at times, the cheap wood used to build the wardrobe loses its polish and gives stains to your clothes. We use hangers to avoid creases on the clothes, but selecting the right hanger is also very crucial.

Rekindle the love for your Designer Sarees frequently:

At times, we buy these expensive clothing items that you wear once or twice for a special occasion and then completely forget about it. Keeping your delicate designer sarees in one corner for years will cause more damage than anything else. It is always advised to refold the saree once in a few months so that it does not imprint any permanent crease of the fabric damaging the threads of the cloth. 

Take proper precautions for bugs:

If you are likely to use a wooden storage cupboard, you should take some measures to protect your clothes from bugs. You can look for impactful yet not so damaging insect repellents or go for the home remedies like putting in a few pieces of cloves and camphor in the wardrobe. 

These few pointers will surely help you ensure your clothes are not damaged in the long run.

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