Black diamonds are one of the natural and toughest forms of a diamond. It is known by another name called carbonado. It is found in the tropical regions where alluvial deposits are present. Primarily, it is found in Central Africa and Brazil, where vast carbonado diamond sites are present. 

By nature, it is black or dark- grey in colour. These are used in the jewellery industry. Black diamond necklaces, rings and earrings are made through a long process. There are different types of black diamonds used to create beautiful jewels. 

Natural black diamonds

Black diamonds from mother nature are not entirely black. They will be available in different shades of black. However, pitch-black diamonds are also available, but they are scarce. Black diamonds are also used to make jewels with some inclusions through artificial treatments or without them. 

The inclusions made to make the diamond more black are entirely graphite. However, they should be made with the right amount. When inclusions are made in high amounts, these black diamonds turn opaque. Too much inclusion process makes the diamond easy to break and very hard to cut. It also becomes not fit for polishing and finishing.

Radiated black diamonds 

Natural black diamonds are made to undergo radiation treatment for an enhanced black. After this treatment, the black diamonds in normal vision seem to be rich black. But the radiation treatment makes it very green. 

When you want to know whether it is treated or not, you can view the diamond in a fibre optic light source. It can help you get to see the interiors of the diamond. If you can notice dark green, it is a treated black diamond. No shade of dark green can be seen in an original black diamond. 

Heated black diamond

Heated black diamonds are initially white, grey or brown diamonds with inclusion treatment. To change the colour of the diamonds, they are processed under high pressure and high-temperature conditions for not less than 24 hours. Later it is taken out and cleaned with several acids. This process results in jet black colour.

Grade of black diamonds

Black diamonds are graded in the very usual manner with 4Cs, which are colour, clarity, cut and carat. Apart from 4cs, Alpha grading is used to grade the diamonds. 

Natural AAA

When a diamond is graded Natural AAAA, it is the perfect diamond in every aspect, such as colour, clarity, cut and carat. These diamonds can be primarily seen in museums and are very expensive. Natural AAA diamonds belong to the larger grading scale. It means diamonds have even colour throughout. It is also a rare form of the diamond as only one per cent belongs to this category.

Natural AA 

The diamonds under this category are in the top ten per cent used in the jewellery industry. Beautiful black diamond necklaces, rings and earrings are made using this quality of diamonds.

Natural A

The diamonds under this category do not match those in the above category. However, still, they belong to the top twenty-cent in the rareness of black diamonds. It is still used in jewellery.

Natural B 

It represents 50 per cent of gems worldwide, and they are not considered prestigious to own. However, advanced technologies make it look no less than other high graded diamonds.

If you are someone who always has a vibrant taste in jewellery and wants to try to do things differently, go for black diamonds. It is unique and tends to pick up attention as black diamonds appear elegant. 



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