Maybe you have heard some of the superfoods out there that are of extreme help to boost our immune system and health. But have you ever considered consuming some of the best superfruits to help boost our immune system? These fruits must be loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals?

As we all know, health is of paramount importance and it’s not something that is to be taken lightly. Your health should be considered as your wealth. So, it is integral that you take care of it before your immune system gets down.

Well, one good thing is that you can enjoy taking care of your immune system with the help of eating some delicious superfruits that can be easily found and bought at the markets nowadays.

If you are one of those people who are conscious in taking care of your health, then you have come to the perfect place.

If you are one of those who are not conscious in taking care of your health, then this is the right time for you to consider taking care of yourself too, here is a list of the most beneficial superfruits that can be very beneficial for your health and immune system.

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Apple is one of the superfruits that are found almost all around the world. This is one of the fruits that you see almost every day. But did you know that apple is one of the most beneficial superfruits that you can enjoy eating while taking care of your health?

Apple has been proven to promote heart health—well, apples are known to contain compounds that are one type of soluble fibers called ‘PECTIN’. This compound has been proven to lower high levels of cholesterol in the body. Besides, apples are known to prevent difficulty in breathing.

It has been proven by studies that consuming more than five apples a week can cause the lungs to function better. This better lung function is because of the antioxidant found in the skin of the apples—this antioxidant is called QUERCETIN. Also, apples are known to reduce the risk of having Type II Diabetes.


Pomegranate is considered as a gem in all the superfruits. Also, it is literally a gem-like fruit in appearance. When you cut this fruit open, you will be welcomed with sparkling seeds that resemble the appearance of rubies. But, this fruit is more than its good looks, this one is also very beneficial and nutritious.

Pomegranate is known to have highly effective anti-inflammatory properties that are known to reduce the inflammation in the body’s digestive tract. Also, pomegranate helps in maintaining the body’s healthy flow of the blood. This fruit contains iron and minerals that are important in making red blood cells.

Another benefit that pomegranates can give the human body is that it guards the memory and function of the brain. Studies have proven that this superfruit can help the memory and other cognitive functions in the body—that is mainly because of the POLYPHENOLthat is found in the pomegranate fruits.


Kiwi is known so be a superfruit that is abundant in Vitamin C. In addition, Kiwi is considered to be one of the fruits who has highest densities of Vitamin C. Besides, Kiwi is known to be rich in Vitamin E too.

Kiwi aids in theflawless function of digestive system because it is rich in fiber that is very helpful in the process of digestion. It also contains some compound that helps people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Due to the high level of Vitamin C nutrition in this fruit, it is also proven to boost a person’s immune system; thus, it preventing the occurrence of diseases.

In fact, this fruit can provide 273 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin C. If you are also conscious about your skin along with the health, this fruit can help you have healthy skin by preventing degradation—this can help during the process of collagen production.


These superfruits are tiny in size but they are one of the most powerful fruits that have a lot of benefits for the body. In addition, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants among all fruits.

Blueberries are known to be rich in ANTHOCYANINS that are of extreme help in fighting the build-up of plaque in the body’s arteries—furthermore, they also improve a person’s cardiovascular health too. Also, blueberries contain antioxidants that are known to reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the body—this LDL cholesterol is one of the factors of dangerous heart diseases.

Blueberries are also known to protect the brain and help improve memory. Again, it is because of the blueberries’ antioxidants that make it very beneficial in protecting the nerve cells of the body. Additionally, blueberries are one of the important fruits that aid protects the DNA of a person—the damage of DNA is what causes people to age swiftly.


The avocado fruit is also known as ‘ALLIGATOR PEAR’. It contains a lot of benefits that are good for the body. Firstly, avocados provide about ¼ of the daily Vitamin K that is needed for the body. Vitamin K is one of the nutrients that are essential to bone health.

Another benefit of avocado is that it is one of the fruits that promote great vision. It contains LUTEIN and ZEAXANTHIN—these two phytochemicals are known to protect cell damage in the eyes, including the damage from ultra-violet lights.

One of the most common diseases is high blood pressure, if you are one of those people who suffer from this condition, then this is the right superfruit you must take.

It reduces the high levels of blood pressure in the body. Actually, most people do not know that this contains 4 percent more potassium when compared with bananas—high potassium can help reduce hypertension.


The superfruits listed above are just some of the fruits that can be included in your daily diet. Well, it would not be hard for you since all the fruits mentioned above can be found all over the world and sold at most markets these days. If you are looking forward to protecting your body and boosting your immune system, then this might be the list that you need for your healthy living.

What are you waiting for?

Try and enjoy these delicious super fruits that are beneficial to have a healthy body.



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