Makeup has come a long way since it first appeared in human history way back in ancient Egypt. From natural ingredient-made makeup products such as kohl, flower pigmented lip colors, and scented unguent jars to today’s elaborate pallets and blushes and contour tools- the trajectory of beauty-enhancing products is a fascinating path to study.

Traditionally makeup was associated with feminine fancy and is still often looked down upon by a largely patriarchal society. But with these barriers being broken every day, makeup has managed to overcome a lot of the stigma and negative assumptions associated with it. From the label of vanity, makeup has now become a tool of empowerment, a means of self-expression regardless of gender identities. It has created tight-knit communities and has rightfully attained the stature of art in modern society.

Makeup is highly flexible no matter the location, occasion, or company you are looking forward to. Whether you want to go out clubbing with your friends, or a solo breakout escape room Bangalore, or maybe you are just staying home, trying to create some Instagram reels- makeup has the power to make you feel confident and bring out the best version of yourself every time.

Why is Makeup So Confusing?  

With a plethora of brands and the introduction of new products every day, using makeup can get a little daunting. In today’s world, there is makeup for anything and everything. There are products to broaden your lips, and there is makeup to reduce it. From highlighters to concealers, from primers to makeup setting sprays, and from eyeshadows to lipsticks, offers a wide range of options. For a beginner, it can get confusing and overwhelming to choose the right products from this large variety of options available.

5 Must-Haves for a Flawless Makeup 

We have prepared a list of some of the top products you can easily buy on that you should try. These makeup products are easily available. These products are absolute essentials and can make or break your makeup game:


Remember those days when our moms used to put moisturizer on our faces, and we used to rebel? Well, she did that for a reason. Moisturiser is the first and foremost product that ensures that the smooth skin is ready for application of any product. A moisturizer helps in ensuring that the makeup is applied without any dryness and prepares the skin well. Whether you are working with a stick, or mousse foundation, monitoring your face well before the application of makeup is very important. 

2. Primer: 

The next most important thing essential for perfect makeup is primer. A primer ensures that the makeup sits perfectly on your face and doesn’t harm your face anyhow. You can easily spot the difference before and after the use of a primer. Primer helps in creating the perfect base that makes your makeup last longer, hides any blemishes, and hydrates the skin. You must pick a primer according to your skin type to avoid any after-effects. 

3. BB Cream or CC Cream: 

If you are a beginner or someone who loves a light-weighted base, then a BB or CC cream is a better choice than a foundation. Applying foundation can make your face look cakey and sticky. A BB cream is light weighted and is perfect for everyday use. CC cream is perfect when you want a light to medium coverage with no cakey lines or marks on the face. Many companies have also launched these creams with primer mixed within. You can choose a shade according to your skin type and rock that everyday look. 

4. Setting Powder or Setting Spray: 

Worried about the sweat ruining your makeup? A setting powder is a perfect remedy to this problem. If your face looks cakey or the foundation is leaving marks, using a setting powder or a loose powder can help in correcting it. For an oily skin type, using a setting powder ensures that the makeup doesn’t melt away with the heat and lasts longer. If you have dry skin, trust using a setting spray, it ensures hydration of your skin and works just like a setting powder. 

5. Lipstick: 

A lipstick that was conventionally used on lips can now be used in several ways. Starting from the original method, which is to apply on lips to make them look bold and luscious. The next way is to use it as an eyeshadow to give that natural and glowy look. The third and probably the best way is to use it as a blush to highlight that natural smile. Basic lipstick can be worked as multiple options. 


Makeup should be done to make yourself happy and comfortable in your skin. You can try these products at first for a flawless look and gradually accelerate your makeup journey from there. 



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