For couples seeking a truly unique and memorable experience, New Zealand offers a picturesque backdrop that combines natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a vibrant jewellery scene. From stunning landscapes to locally sourced gemstones, the country offers plenty of choices to select the right location and an enchanting environment to celebrate love and commitment.

But before that, the most important thing you need to do is look at the different types of engagement rings in New Zealand and pick the right one for your partner. While the ring’s centre stone often takes away all the attention, the setting in which it is placed also carries significant symbolism. 

Read the section below to explore the symbolism behind the ring settings.

Prong Setting:

It is one of the most classic and widely used settings. It consists of several metal prongs that securely hold the centre stone. The prongs allow maximum light to enter the stone, enhancing its brilliance and sparkle. Symbolically, they represent strength and stability, reflecting the solid foundation of a committed relationship.

Bezel Setting:

It features a metal rim that surrounds the centre stone, holding it securely. It provides excellent protection to the stone, making it a popular choice for active individuals. It symbolises protection and security, signifying the desire to safeguard the precious love shared between two people.

Halo Setting:

In halo style, the centre stone is encircled by smaller accent stones, creating a halo effect. It amplifies the centre stone’s brilliance and adds a glamorous touch to engagement rings in New Zealand. Symbolically, it represents eternal love and the idea that love radiates outward, encompassing everything around it.

Channel Setting:

It features a row of small diamonds or gemstones set closely together between two metal channels. It creates a sleek and modern look, with the stones appearing to flow seamlessly along the band. Symbolically, it represents unity and harmony, reflecting the desire for a smooth and balanced relationship.

Tension Setting:

It is a contemporary and unique style where the centre stone appears to be suspended between the two ends of the band. It creates the illusion that the stone is floating in mid-air. Symbolically, it represents the delicate balance and connection between two individuals, showcasing their ability to support and hold each other.

Three-Stone Setting:

As the name suggests, it features three stones set side by side, typically with the centre stone larger than the two side stones. Each stone symbolises the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship. It represents the journey of love, from where it began, to where it is now and the bright future that awaits.

Split Shank Setting:

It features a band that splits into two as it reaches the centre stone. It creates a visually striking and dynamic look. Symbolically, it represents the coming together of two individual paths into one shared journey. It represents the idea of two souls intertwining and supporting each other throughout life’s ups and downs.

Pave Setting:

In pave style, small diamonds or gemstones are set closely together, covering the band or surrounding the centre stone. It creates a dazzling and luxurious look, with the stones appearing to be paved across the surface. Symbolically, it represents a love that is abundant, filled with joy, and shines brightly for all to see.

Antique Settings:

Antique settings feature intricate details and vintage-inspired designs. They often incorporate elements like milgrain detailing, filigree work, or engraving. They symbolise tradition, history, and the timeless nature of love. They are perfect for individuals who appreciate nostalgia and want to honour the past while embarking on a future together.

Final Thoughts:

It’s important to note that the symbolism behind every setting can vary from person to person. Ultimately, it lies in the meaning and emotions it holds for the couple wearing it. Whether you choose a classic prong or a contemporary tension setting, what matters most is the love and commitment that the ring represents.



Manisha has always been passionate about writing. She has written her poems, short stories, and articles since her school days. In her professional life, she has worked as a journalist since 2011. Her passion for writing led her to write her debut book, Unhappy Marriage, which gained her many accolades. She currently lives in India.
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