Owning different E Liquid flavors won’t just prevent boredom. It’ll also prevent you from getting a vaper’s tongue, which would otherwise result in a deadened vaping experience.

If you’re bored with your flavor rotation or if you’re becoming desensitized to your current favorite flavor, it’s time for a change.

There’s a plethora of E Liquid flavors on the market, of which you can freely enjoy and experiment with.

Here are our 5 current favorite E Liquid flavors, all of which can reintroduce excitement into your vaping routine.

1. Mister-E-Liquid — Mister E’s Menthol

Fruity and dessert-y vaping flavors are delicious, but some vapers are sensitive to artificial and decadent notes. For that reason, a fresh swath of minty air can be uniquely refreshing. This is especially true for former cigarette smokers seeking easy substitutions for their abandoned cigarette.

Even if you’re not a former smoker, you’ll enjoy Mister-E-Liquid’s take on menthol flavor. Menthol flavors are still popular among the general vaping population for providing a cool rush alongside the nicotine hit.

2. V4pour — Strawberry Milk

Do you remember those pink creme hard candies? Or did you grow up drinking sweet pink milk provided by your school district? Then this flavor by V4pour can help you reignite and relive fond, nostalgic memories.

With its creamy, sweet, fruity profile, this E Juice flavor will do more than make you crave dessert. It’ll bring you back to your youth, when the pot of candy on your elementary school teacher’s desk offered a special kind of joy.

3. Beard Vape Co eJuice — The One Lemon E-Liquid

If you’re looking for a balanced vape pen flavor that’s both sweet and refreshing, then look into this lemon vaping juice. Vapers that love dessert-y flavors without overwhelming hits of sugar will love this flavor.

With a tart, candied tang, Beard Vape’s lemon juice is well-loved. This flavor is also meant to emulate a lemon crumble pie, so you’ll also enjoy a buttery profile. All this results in a juice that reminds you of a cottage bakery basking under a summer sun.

4. Big Bottle Co — Good Ol’ Custard

Of course, if you are a vaper that loves classic dessert flavors, then you’re looking for custard juice. There’s no shame in loving sweet, decadent E Juices. If that’s your jam, then this flavor was formulated for you.

Engage in multiple vices by flavoring your nicotine with creamy vanilla. Big Bottle Co’s custard juice doesn’t just taste like vanilla and cream — they’ve even infused the juice ever so slightly with warm flavors like cinnamon and nuts. Even vapers that don’t love sweet flavors like to keep this toasty flavor in their rotation.

5. Element E-Liquids — Mojito

Looking for a more grown-up vape pen flavor? Element E-Liquids has released their mojito juice, for when you’re deciding between nicotine and drink and realize you can’t decide between the two.

Just be careful while vaping this juice — salivating too much can potentially ruin your vape device. As you detect the boozy hint of rum, the welcome punch of lime, and the cool breeze of mint, you’ll get almost drunk off the beautiful illusion that this flavor provides.

Revitalize Your Vapes With New E Liquid Flavors

There are plenty of great E Liquid flavors to fix common vaping issues like boredom or vaper’s tongue. Each flavor comes with its own unique experience, so it’s no wonder that these flavors are so highly-rated.

If you found this list inspiring, then check out the rest of our website! We’ve written many other blog posts that offer insight into how you can improve your own lifestyle.

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