The fashion industry was recently rocked when Dolce & Gabbana revealed their much anticipated 2022 spring and summer eyewear collection. Titled SS22 by the design firm, the collection debuted with the assistance of legendary singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and Italian model David Gandy. The gorgeous pair wear the stunning collection as if it was designed exclusively for them.

The Italian fashion house understands how star power influences style trends, and by using the widely popular JLO in their advertising, the campaign’s success is all but ensured. Women from all over the globe will flock to retailers to emulate Lopez’s sophisticated and feminine power-look in all black.

The SS22 collection nods to legendary women from the past and present. By exploring a few frames, fans of Dolce & Gabbana will be pleasantly surprised with how modern ideas effortlessly meld with timeless looks from the past.

Hollywood Cat Eye Frames

When you think of Hollywood legends, some of the images your mind may recall would include the sultry Marilyn Monroe in her unforgettable cat-eye sunglasses. She wore many versions of this favorite style she helped popularize with her flirty, open smile.

Audrey Hepburn followed Monroe in the cat-eye look, but she wore the frames larger, emphasizing the delicate features of her small, yet angled face. The look was more modern and elegant, and it has yet to fall out of favor with designers in every decade since.

Dolce & Gabbana honors the bulky frames made timeless on the dainty nose of Hepburn by pairing them with the contemporary sexiness of JLO in big black DG Crossed frames. Classy and womanly, the look works for every face shape and lipstick shade.

Following Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would further push the style’s evolution when she wore frames that went even bubblier while toning down and eventually losing the cat slant. Though she wasn’t a Hollywood legend, she quickly became a fashion influencer and icon early in her husband’s presidency. See JLO recreate the look in D&G’s new Sicilian taste sunglasses.

Socialite Sleek Frames

Paris Hilton made them look desirable. In lenses that were slightly tinted in hues of pink or blue, she donned metal frames reminiscent of what skiers and other fast-moving sportsmen wear during the race, yet much less chunky and a lot sleeker.

The look would become even more popular when Kim Kardashian adopted the style of her former best friend and employer. Kim experimented even further by choosing plastic frames and pairing them with much darker lenses.

In their SS22 eyewear catalog, D&G further modernizes the look in their Runway DG crossed sunglasses. By designing a slight overhang on the top line of the frame, giving them the appearance of having a spoiler, a look is achieved that is exuberant and futuristic.

Star Power Always Built-In

While Dolce & Gabbana’s new SS22 eyewear campaign is glamour-enhanced by the star power of Jennifer Lopez, D&G has a history of creating eyewear that dazzles and inspires creativity by utilizing the history of eyewear design.

When you add a little flair to John Lennon hippie shades you end up with Elton John rock star specs. Both rock giants have immortalized the eccentric round frames that are odes to music genius. Dolce & Gabbana continues to offer their own inspired frames in the current eyewear collection.

At D&G, they’re simply known as DG2170B. While there aren’t any photos of JLO modeling this rose-gold on rose-gold frames and lenses, there’s no doubt she would wear them with the confidence of a musician who has achieved enormous success for her vocal aptitude.

In the future, expect Dolce & Gabbana to continue to pay tribute to classic looks while experimenting to enhance and modernize more current design trends. In the meantime, bask in the traditions of today influenced by yesteryear and choose your favorite frames to complement your own star power.



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