Probate Valuation

When someone dies, their estate needs to be proved and described accurately within reasonable time limits. When currency rates increase, particularly related to the jewelry industry and cost of raw jewelry items also raise, a probate jewellery valuation is often required.

If you need to set an estate, you need this valuation both to make sure that there’s a fair distribution among the heirs and also to prove the value of the estate for inheritance tax purposes.

When a relative dies and you need to divide the jewelry, how will you do it? This is often known as a jewellery valuation for probate. Unlike the valuation of insurance which indicates the complete retail replacement value, this assessment is based on the jewelry’s value if sold. To put it differently, how much the items will likely fetch at auction, is typically the route to take. The material’s quality in the item, on-going fashion, and taste, the state, and condition of the item are all taken into consideration.

Generally, the value of the probate is much lower than the value of insurance, which has a direct impact on the inheritance tax assessment, for which this report is used. After the completion of the inheritance for insurance purposes, it is vital to have any jewelry valued. Sometimes both probate and insurance are required at the same time, two reports, hence saving in costs for the future.

What Do You Need?

Probate Jewellery

The probate valuation jewelry report is given in the name of the individual giving instructions, usually a solicitor, relative or an executor, then within the report providing the full name of the estate of the deceased, being examined. The conclusion of the value for a probate report is taken always as to the value on the death date as set forth by HMRC. The inspection can be completed either on the site, a place chosen by the client or it can be collected and returned after a few days. Often there are a lot of items to be valued, which also takes time to complete the research and the examination. We always recommend a time scale at the first point of contact, usually through email or call.

If you find any of the certificates, reports, receipts or any other documentation, we advise you to carry it along with you as it helps the assessors to provide as complete a picture as possible.

After the settlement of the estate, if the disposal is required, we at Prestige Valuations can give you the best advice on how to dispose of any jewelry, watches, etc.

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