Doing home renovations is almost always a process that involves a considerable amount of time and effort. Besides, hiring people to do this work is an experience that many people would prefer to avoid dealing with.

However, there are solutions such as those offered by Smartcret that help take a huge burden off our shoulders when it comes to home renovations.

We are talking about Smartcover ready-to-use microcement and Smartcover tile paint, products that have features and properties that will give the surfaces of our home a better look along with other benefits.

Smartcover ready-to-use microcement

If you are one of those who are always looking for a product that will make it easier for you to renovate the decoration of your home with your own hands, then Smartcret’s ready-to-use microcement is the right choice.

Something great about this material is that it can be applied directly on the surfaces you need to renovate, differentiating it from other products on the market.

Surfaces where to apply Smartcret ready-to-use microcement

Next, let’s see on what places and surfaces can be applied Smartcret ready-to-use microcement:


Looking for a product that will help you eliminate the joints of the tiles in your bathroom? Then Smartcret ready-to-use microcement is what you need to create that feeling of continuity between the walls and floor of this space.

You can even apply this product inside the shower area, making it ideal for covering and renovating every corner of your bathroom.


Old-fashioned and conventional: sure that’s what you think every time you see your kitchen tiles. With Smartcret’s ready-to-use microcement you will get rid of these adjectives and make them look more modern and attractive. And the best part is that you will save time and money in the process.


Thanks to its versatility, Smartcret’s ready-to-use microcement can be applied not only on walls but also on floors.

So, by applying this product on the floors of your home you will be giving them properties that will make them more resistant to abrasion and impact. And in case you spill any liquid that leaves a stain, it will not be difficult to remove.


With Smartcret’s ready-to-use microcement you can have the opportunity to renovate walls whose surfaces are made of materials such as plasterboard, tile, marble, plaster among others. This will not only give them a better look but also make them more resistant, durable and waterproof.

Smartcover Tile Paint by Smartcret

If you feel that it is time to renew the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, then Smartcover Tiles tile paint from Smartcret is the product you need to achieve this mission. But it’s not just for tiles; you can also use it to renovate your ceilings and wooden furniture. It is also known for its fast drying and waterproofing properties.

Paint Tiles with Smartcover Tiles: How to do it?

Is this the first time you are going to paint your bathroom tiles? Don’t worry. You’ll see how easy it is to use Smartcover tiles from Smartcret.

Prepare the surface

The first step is to clean the surface to be painted. This will help remove any dust or grease residue that may have accumulated on the tiles.

Next, take a masking tape and outline the area to be painted.

Apply Smart Primer Abs

In a tray pour some Smart Primer ABS. Then, with the help of a roller apply the product on the surface to be painted. This will facilitate the integration of the paint when applying it on the tiles. Once this is done, wait 30 minutes for it to dry completely.

Paint with Smartcover Tiles

Next, pour the Smartcover Tiles paint into a tray and dip the roller into it. Then move it over the surface until every inch is covered.

Let it dry for 2 to 3 hours. Then apply a second coat.



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