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Come summer, many parents have to take their young daughters to outdoor events like weddings and parties. This means that the small girls often want to dress up like adults to feel extra special. 

While there is nothing wrong with this, many mass-produced dresses can become overly warm, so you need to invest in some dresses from Shoplmichele.com that will keep your little girl cool, while also feeling fit for a party.

Here are a few ideas for summer dresses to add to your daughter’s wardrobe. 

Smocked Dresses

Summer smocked dresses for girls visually look like midi dresses, except they can also have elasticated mid-sections and capped sleeves. They rarely have long sleeves and are usually made of cotton, with many designs sporting striking color schemes and patterns. They are a great option for a trip to the park, or a family member’s wedding, making them very versatile.

The Tiered Frock

Tiered frocks are another dress type that can be worn to a friend’s summer garden party, or when playing in the backyard. 

The tiered aspect refers to the skirt in some cases, which has layered fabric, sometimes in different colors. In other cases, the entire dress can be pleated, giving a more flowing and fun look. This dress style is very popular and cool on hot days, but the top of the dress can be more fitted like a shirt or can be loose. Whatever design you pick, your daughter will look great!

Pleated Dress

Pleated dresses are similar to the midi dress which will be mentioned later, as the top part can be elasticated or more fitted. Generally, a pleated dress refers to the skirt, which has folds in it to give a natural, vertical shape to the dress pattern. Pleated dresses are often designed to be part of a school uniform, but they can also be something to wear casually, and many small girls benefit from their length and comfort level on hot days. 

When buying a more fitted pleated dress, be sure that the material is breathable, so aim for natural fabrics like cotton. 

Summer Dress (Midi)

The summer dress is a must-have for those hot days in the garden or at a picnic, so be sure to have a few of these in your daughter’s wardrobe.

Many summer or midi dresses have an elasticated top, which then drops into a loose flowing skirt, making it ideal for days when the sun is bright and when it is hot. As the name suggests, these dresses usually drape to just below the knee, so be sure there is sunscreen for your daughters’ shins!

Pinafore Dress

The Pinafore dress is the epitome of summer for many small girls, as it can be paired with a top underneath it, or, if the skirt is wide enough, even a petticoat!

Many Pinafore dress designs are versatile, meaning your daughter can wear the dress by itself in the garden or can have a few bits added to attend a friend’s birthday party. This dress is available in a range of lengths, and the straps themselves can be thick or wide but as a general rule, it doesn’t have sleeves. Oh, and if you aren’t sure what a Pinafore dress looks like, picture the traditional Alice in Wonderland dress!



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