Do you love wearing sarees? What’s not there to admire about those 9 yards of elegance? But wait; do you drape your sarees in the same way? What if we tell you that it does not have to be the case? You can wear traditional sarees in several ways that are different from the usual styling. Read on to find out more.

The Beauty of Traditional Sarees

The best thing about traditional sarees is that they can be worn by all ages. You can style them up to look more modern. You can even make them party-appropriate by adding twists to the classic drape. You can make them look youthful and stylish. We have curated a list of different saree draping styles that you can try this festive season to stand out from the crowd. Let’s begin!

  1. Classic Saree Draping Style

This style is perfect for functions where you have a lot of errands to run. The pallu is neatly pleated and pinned at the left shoulder for a professional look. You can try this style if you love wearing traditional sarees to the office. You can pair this with a 3/4th or a full-sleeved blouse. Handloom cotton sarees look best in this style.

  1. Open Pallu Saree Draping Style

This style is the most favored style for women out there, and for good reason. In this style, instead of pinning the pallu on the shoulder, it is left to hang freely across the left arm. You can try this style if there is a lot of design on your pallu. The beauty of this saree draping style is that it can be paired with any blouse design. Open pallu draping will look amazing on Kanjeevaram traditional sarees, where there are intricate designs on the pallu.

  1. Front Pallu Saree Draping Style

In this draping style, the pallu is flowing in the front of the body. Typically, the mother of the bride in Gujarati weddings prefers this type of draping style for their traditional sarees. Because of this reason, this draping style is also called the Gujarati draping style. This style gives an elegant look from the back. The bonus point of this draping style is that it shows off the design and the borders on the pallu. 

  1. Belted Draping

This is a modern twist to the classic draping style. The saree is draped with the pallu neatly pinned on the shoulder in this style. For an added twist, a belt is added at the waist. This gives an illusion of a snatched look that looks great on all body types. This draping style looks especially good in winter with a high-neck or a turtle-neck sweater. Just add hoop earrings and tie your hair in a loose bun, and you are ready to rock your chic look.

  1. Maharashtrian Style Draping

Maharashtrian Style Draping is also known as Nuvari Style Draping or Kasta Saree. This draping style is preferred by women from the Marathi community. In this style, the pallu is pleated at the back and wrapped around the legs. This gives enough room for the movement of legs, which is required in Marathi traditional dances. This draping style looks exceptionally well on traditional sarees with thick borders as it adds to the overall silhouette.

  1. Pallu Around the Neck Style

This is another modern twist to the classic draping style. In this draping style, you can wear your traditional saree in the classic way. Instead of letting your pallu hang over your left shoulder, drape your pallu around your neck. 

You can add a belt around the waist for a snatched look to add more oomph to your overall look. This trick would give a frame to your figure. This draping style works well during the winter as it is excellent for layering. You can add a blazer or an overcoat to this look. Complete your look with a pair of trendy boots and stud earrings.

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Final Thoughts

Before we conclude this blog, tell us which draping style you are going to try next. Traditional sarees are elegant and make everyone look sophisticated. Saree draping is an art, and you can make your outfit look exceptional with an added dose of creativity. So what are you waiting for? Try these draping styles on one of your traditional sarees and shine like a diamond!



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