The shopping of engagement is going on, right? 

Before you shop for an engagement ring offline or online, you should be familiar with the various diamond shapes for engagement rings. 

Your engagement ring is going to be the center of the whole function. All eyes will rest on the shape of that diamond ring. So, it should be purchased with the utmost care.

Know the critical aspects of different shapes of diamond engagement rings here. So, keep reading the article.

What should I consider while choosing an engagement ring?

The beauty of a diamond lies in its cut, doesn’t it? Its perfect shape can offer you the engagement of your dreams. 

So, when choosing an engagement ring, you should take care of your look. If you’re going to wear a modern dress, you should select a modern-shaped and nicely cut diamond ring. But if your look is traditional, your diamond engagement ring should also look traditional. Nowadays you also get different diamond rings like five stone diamond ring, two-diamond ring, and many more.

Your physical characteristics also impact the shape of your diamond ring. If your fingers are thin in size, you should prefer to choose that diamond ring that can look attractive on elongated fingers. Likewise, be conscious of selecting that diamond ring that can beautify fatty fingers. 

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  1. Round cut

Looking for a traditional diamond cut engagement ring that can match your engagement dress? If yes, you should choose the traditional round brilliant cut-shaped diamond ring for your engagement day. They do wonders in solitaires, two three-stone settings, and geometric settings. The round-cut diamond rings are considered of much higher value than other-cut diamond rings.

So, be ready to show your scintillating round-cut diamond ring on the day of engagement.

  1. Princess cut

Who doesn’t want to look like a princess on the day of engagement? You should wear a princess-cut diamond ring to make your special moments of engagement regal. This cut is known for a more refined and brilliant look.

The good thing is that the princess-cut diamond ring is less expensive than a round-shaped diamond ring.

  1. Cushion cut

If you’re hunting for an old diamond cut that has now come back into popularity, then, you should try the cushion cut. This cut is known for its exquisite look. In the 18th century, it was used for the first time. Then, in the 19th century, the cushion got the utmost popularity. Now again, this type of diamond-cut engagement ring has come into the trend due to its significant aesthetic appeal. 

  1. Emerald cut

If you want to try an understated sparkle, the emerald-cut diamond ring is a nice choice for you. This type of diamond cut is characterized by a rectangular step-cut diamond, an open table, and cropped corners. 

So, flaunt your beauty on your engagement day with an emerald-cut diamond-shaped engagement ring on your slender fingers.

  1. Marquise cut

Give yourself a royal look with a marquise-cut diamond-shaped engagement ring and add glory to your function with your magnificent glory. You’ll rock at the party with a marquise-cut diamond ring (also known as Navette cut). This is a long and narrow-shaped cut diamond ring. One thing that you should take care of while selecting this ring is that the marquise cut should be perfect, otherwise, it’ll be noticeable.

Enhance your beauty and grace with the Marquise cut diamond-shaped engagement ring.  

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  1. Oval cut

Another version of the round-cut diamond shape is the oval cut. The feature that distinguishes this cut diamond ring is the facets. There are many facets in this ring. Therefore, it can sparkle too much. Besides, its oblong shape can lengthen the finger. 

So, be elegant with your oval-cut diamond engagement ring on your finger. But it should be properly cut because your cut will make the whole difference. The wrong cut can’t be acceptable.

  1. Radiant cut

Radiant cut was invented by Henry Grossbard in 1977. 

Though the radiant cut diamond mimics the emerald cut diamond shape, there are more deep-cut facets in the radiant cut than the emerald cut. Therefore, it scatters more sparkle than the emerald cut. 

The radiant cut doesn’t have sharp edges like a princess-cut diamond ring because it has eight corners. In this way, it reduces the risk of chipping. But if you want a huge size engagement ring, this is not the perfect choice for you.

  1. Pear cut

Pear cut diamond design is known as a teardrop. This is the best hybrid style of both the oval and marquise styles. 

If you are searching for a unique style of diamond ring for your engagement ceremony, you should choose the pear-cut diamond ring for your lovely day.

Be careful when you choose. The wrong cut of a diamond can spoil the whole beauty of a diamond ring. 

Look more graceful on the day of engagement with a brilliant pear-cut ring.

  1. Asscher cut

Are you a fashion connoisseur? If yes, then, what else can make you happier than an Asscher cut diamond ring? 

It consists of 58 large-step facets and gives the appearance of an octagonal-shaped diamond. 

It is safer than other kinds of diamond cuts because it doesn’t have sharp edges. Therefore, it doesn’t break easily.

  1. Heart cut

Looking for a contemporary diamond cut? You should choose the heart-cut diamond style to look more fabulous on the occasion.

This appeals more to feminism and looks great as a solitaire on a simple band. 

For the fashion connoisseurs, this cut never goes off the beat and looks very trendy. You should choose this if you are looking for something timeless.

  1. Baguette-cut

The baguette-cut diamond stone is characterized by a long and rectangular shape design. It consists of 14 facets. If you want to get a more modern look, you should combine a large center stone with a baguette-cut diamond. 

  1. Trillion cut

The first trillion cut diamond stones originated in the Netherlands. They have a triangular shape with pointed edges or rounded edges. Usually, they have sharp edges. Therefore, they’re more prone to chipping. But you can avoid this condition with a bezel or three-prong setting.



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