Neon Lights are one of the most aesthetically pleasing lights. They are excellent illuminators and help identify the entity from a distance. Custom LED lights come into use in various places like automobiles, signboards, home lighting, etc. The versatile nature of these lights is excellent, and they give the viewer a feeling of welcome and hip.

Many countries like the USA and Australia use neon signs for buildings and establishments. This article will focus on the applications and benefits of having a neon light. These lights massively help in outdoor advertising because of their bright and colorful nature.

Versatile Applications

As observed, Custom Neon Signs greatly help in outdoor advertising. They come in handy if one is looking to have a unique signboard that stands out from the rest of the boards in a society. These signs are used in various places in day-to-day life and have multiple applications. Here are some of the prominent applications that these provide to a user.

i) Bars / Cafes / Restaurants –

Bars are some of the most common places for neon signs to be established. Bars are establishments that are open late hours. People often visit these places after working hours, which is typically post 8 pm. In such cases, these neon and LED signs stand out from the rest of the buildings to let them know that they are open. Recently, cafes and restaurants have started to install LED lighting from in their restaurant or cafe’s fountains in order to illuminate and add an overall aesthetic appearance.

ii) Homes –

Homes are the next prominent place for people to buy luminaire LED and Neon lights. They actually add a unique look to the room and give the viewer an excellent vibe inside. They also look exquisite on the outside. People looking at it from the outside tend to get attracted to Neon Lights instantly. These lights can also be excellently placed in living rooms or bedrooms to spice up the overall aesthetic.

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iii) Photography –

Neon and LED Lights can excellently illuminate photos. Many professional photographers are aware that lighting is the first and foremost step to clicking a good picture. If natural light is unavailable, neon and closet LED lights can serve as artificial lighting and excellently illuminate the background.

iv) Farming –

Recently, farmers have started deploying neon and LED lights in greenhouses. Research has proven that artificial lighting is highly beneficial for growing a wide range of plants. Thus, farmers have started using these techniques in their daily practices.


There are a plethora of benefits to opting for custom LED lights over other lights. Here are some of the widely observed benefits of the same.

i) Low Power Consumption –

These lights tend to consume less power than fluorescent or other lights. Thus, they are highly economical and efficient.

ii) Instant Glow –

These lights glow instantly after being switched on, there is no waiting period, and one can observe the effects immediately.

iii) Customisable –

Skillful crafters can use tubes of neon and argon to shape anything desired. This customizable nature makes it effective.

iv) Durable –

Finally, neon and LED lights are also durable and can sustain long periods. They tend to last for a decade on average.

As observed, neon lights are highly fashionable in today’s scenario. They have a plethora of applications and benefits in the real world. One can always customize these signs and use them for their purposes. It is vital to maintain these lights to ensure that they do not depreciate quickly.



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