Healthy, bouncy, and voluminous hair is the dream of every girl and woman. Your hair is your prized possession, and it adds to your beauty. Having a hair care routine for curly hair is important. Regardless of your hair type, you must follow a simple hair care routine regularly. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about a curly hair care routine

Your Curly Hair Needs Care: Know What Happens If You Don’t Take Care Of Your Curly Hair

Knowing about curly hair routine is important. To know and understand curly hair care routines, it is important to understand what can be the side effects of not taking care of your hair. The following are the possible adverse outcomes of not taking proper care of your curly hair:

  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall
  • Dry hair 
  • Dull hair
  • Ingrown hair on your scalp
  • Stopping hair growth completely

Why Should All Curlies Have A Curly Hair Routine?

To avoid all the negative impacts of not having a curly hair care routine, you must have a regular set of steps that you can follow. Curly hair usually is very different from straight hair. This type of hair lacks moisture and tends to dry up faster. This is the reason why it becomes even more important to take care of curly hair and have a proper hair care schedule. For example, to avoid moisture loss, people invented blow dryers designed for African American hair.

Deciding Factors That Help You Pick The Perfect Indian Curly Hair Routine

In this section, we will be discussing the factors that must be considered by you when picking the best Indian curly hair care routine for your curly hair. 

  • Hair Type: This is the first factor to consider when choosing your basic curly hair routine. You could have wavy hair, loose curls or tight curls and depending on the same, you can choose your hair care products.
  • Chemical Processing: If you have dyed your hair or bleached your curls before, then the type of curly hair routine you follow will be different from women having naturally curly hair with no such treatments.
  • Hair Problems: If you are facing any hair problems like frizziness, hair fall, dandruff, and so on, then your curly hair care products should also solve these problems.
  • Hair Styling: When talking about styling, we are not only talking about the occasions where you style your hair depending on your look. We are also talking about how you wear your hair every day. 

Kickstart Your Curly Hair Routine: How To Start A Curly Hair Routine?

To get bouncy, frizz-free, and healthy curls, you will have to find the most suitable curly hair care routine and stick to it for the best results. 

  • Find the best hair care routine for your curls, and make sure the routine suits all your requirements. 
  • Do not overdo it. Be it any step of your routine, do not overdo it in an attempt of getting results faster. 
  • Find a simple routine for the care of your curls, and do not complicate it.
  • Be regular, and do not miss out on any steps or parts of your routine. 
  • Be patient and give your hair care routine the time to work.

Take A Glance At This Step By Step Curly Hair Routine For Beginners

In this section, we will be discussing some curly hair routine steps that will be useful specifically for beginners.

  • Detoxing your hair: It is important to cleanse your scalp well while washing your hair. 
  • Conditioning: This step adds more bounce to your hair and adds more shine. 
  • Moisturising: This helps make your dry hair softer and make hair frizz-free.
  • Getting rid of knots: Be gentle on your curls and detangle your hair when it is still wet. 
  • Style your curls well to get the perfect look.

This step-by-step curly hair routine will help you maintain your ringlets well and avoid bad hair days. 

Your Curly Hair Needs Detox Too! Here’s How To Cleanse Your Curly Hair

Washing your hair is an important part of the naturally curly hair routine. The first thing to ensure before washing your curly hair is the temperature of the water. You must note that hot water leads to the drying of hair and further leads to hair breakage. You must use the right type and the right amount of shampoo for washing your hair and focus better on your scalp to deep clean the same. Massage your scalp and hair as you rinse the shampoo off for better results. A hair mask can also be added to your hair wash routine to ensure that your hair is well-nourished. 

Curly Hair Wash Routine: How Often Should You Wash Your Curly Hair?

The quality of your hair determines the frequency of your hair wash. If you have hair that is not too dry, then washing your hair twice a week is good. If your hair and scalp are very dry, you must only wash your hair once a week.

Learn To Wash Your Curly Hair The Right Way

Washing your curly hair is important. Washing them right is important as well. While you wash your hair, you must make sure that you deeply cleanse your scalp and massage it well, while rinsing also makes sure that the products you use for washing your hair are not harmful to your hair. 

Lemon And Aloe Mask Can Work Wonders For Your Curly Hair

Your curly hair care routine in India is incomplete without the Indian home remedies that help nourish your hair and provide moisture and promote hair growth. A lemon and aloe mask can do all this and more for your curls and give you bouncy curls that are also frizz-free. 

Conditioning Your Curly Hair Can Make All The Difference To Your Hair’s Health: Know How

Your curly hair care routine must include conditioning to add that shine and bounce to your curls. Your curls need more moisture due to their dry nature, and hence conditioning is one of the best solutions for the same. It adds more volume and also makes your ringlets bouncier and shinier. 

Why Leave-In Conditioner Is An Important Part Of Daily Curly Hair Routine?

Leave-in conditioner is one of the best products to use as part of your curly hair routine in India. This product offers solutions to your hair problems, be it dry hair, frizzy hair, less volume, etc. 

Oil Massage Must Be A Part Of Your Curly Hair Routine: Here’s Why?

Oiling is important for all hair types and hair of different qualities. It is especially important for curly hair due to the dryness of this type of hair. Oiling provides nourishment and offers hair moisturisation too. 

How To Give An Oil Massage To Curly Hair?

When you have curly hair, your hair needs nourishment and moisture and your scalp. Make sure to massage your scalp well with the tip of your fingers when oiling. Deep massage your lengths as well when you oil your hair. 

5 Rules To Keep In Mind While Trimming Curly Hair

As part of your curly hair routine, you must:

  • Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. 
  • Trim the driest and the thinnest strands.
  • Trim your hair only when damp.
  • If trimming your curls at home, invest in the best quality tools for the same.
  • Make sure your hair looks great in its regular position before trimming.

You Should Detangle Your Curly Hair: Know Why?

The knots on your curly hair can cause breakage and further damage your hair. Hence, you must detangle the knots in your curls for better hair and better ringlets. Detangling when your hair is wet is a good option for the same. 

5 Ways To Detangle Your Curly Hair Without Causing Breakage

The following are some methods to adopt for detangling your curly hair:

  • Conditioner
  • Detangling spray
  • Oils
  • Water
  • Wide toothed comb

How Styling Your Hair Can Improve Your Overall Look?

Styling is an essential part of your look, and styling those bouncy curls well can enhance your look more than you know. Hence you must be aware of the various styling tricks and techniques to style those natural curls well when required. 

4 Easy Ways To Style Your Curls: How To Make Your Curly Hair Look Good?

  • The classic updo
  • Ultra-high ponytail
  • Side braid
  • Messy half buns

7 Curly Hair Care Products To Be A Part Of Your Hair Care Routine

The following curly hair care products must be a part of your routine:

  • Leave in cream
  • Hair gel
  • Hair butter
  • Curl Mousse
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Hair Oils

Curly Hair Night Routine: Five Tips To Protect Your Curly Hair While Sleeping

You can provide the right care to your curls even when you are sleeping by following these steps:

  • A silk or satin pillowcase must be used.
  • You can put your curls in a pineapple.
  • Twist or braid your curls.
  • Use a silk headscarf or bonnet.
  • Add leave-in conditioner before sleeping to your curls.

9 Rules To Always Follow To Maintain Curly Hair

  • Know your hair type and pick the right routine
  • Keep your hair and scalp clean
  • Regularly oil your scalp and lengths
  • Use conditioner and leave-in creams 
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Detangle the knots in your hair
  • Comb your hair the right way
  • Maintain a proper sleep routine as well for your curls
  • Do not rush through the process

Not Just The Order But The Consistency Matters In Curly Hair Care Routine

Regularly doing all the steps of your hair care routine and following the tips shared in this article will help you maintain your curls and get frizz-free bouncy curls. 


We have now looked at all the information you need to start your curly hair routine and follow the same. We hope this article has helped you find the answers to questions that you have in your mind regarding curls and maintaining curly hair.

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Beginners can follow the steps mentioned in this article to take care of their curly hair.

Making a curly hair routine will depend on your hair type and hair quality and also ensure that you can regularly follow the steps of your hair care routine to maintain your curls.



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