December is right around the corner. Do you know what that means? It means it is that time of the year again when you get to stay cozy and warm by wearing the most stylish coats and sweaters you can find.

Most of the clothing boutique you see online or along the streets offer a broad range of high-quality and fashion-forward jackets, pullovers, and coats. One of the best things about the cold season is you are given all the more reason to layer different pieces of clothing and create a look or outfit that expresses your aesthetics.

If you are trying to look for new and stylish brands to add to your winter OOTD collection, perhaps you can check out the following clothing lines and see why you should add it to your collection:


3rd Story is a clothing brand best known for providing casual and laid back pieces that you can easily mix and match with other clothes. Their selection of sweaters, bomber jackets, and long sleeves perfectly capture the essence of athleisure clothing. The best part about their collection is the simple yet effortlessly cool vibe it brings. Available in bright hues of pink, mint, lilac, and the occasional commanding jet black colours, the brand accommodates several different aesthetics and style preferences.


While Alaska Tees may also be popular for their head-turning graphic tees, they also have a range of cool hoodies with vibrant prints that will turn you into the centre of attention in every room you enter or street that you walk. Choose this brand if you want long sleeves that are both comfortable yet easily shows off a bit of your personality.


Dylan perfectly combines comfort with chic and edgy fashion. Most of the fabrics they use in their clothes are made from high-end and soft materials. Not only that, their reversible bomber jackets, bubble sleeve sweaters, and roll neck jumpers have a bit of a masculine touch to it, making it a suitable choice for when you want to evoke that badass and mysterious look. They also have a line of cami dresses with eye-catching and joyful prints.


Whenever people encounter the terms ‘casual’ or ‘casual wear’, they often assume that not much effort is put into assembling such a laid back outfit. What they do not realize is sometimes, it also takes smart styling choices to generate that perfect, “oh-I-just-threw-this-on” look. Hammill & Co. is an expert at producing jogger pants, long sleeves, and sweaters that appeal to your lazy yet still fashionable mood. The secret to their striking collection is how they successfully combined retro designs with comfort and street swag.


Style Laundry is a brand that’s excellent for the boss ladies who can balance their work with their daily endeavours. Their expertise lies in creating and designing loungewear that suits sophisticated tastes. Their sweaters, coats, and tracksuits will effortlessly make you feel like a queen who’s in-charge and reaches her ambitions in her timing.


Roxy’s range of coats, sweaters, and beanies exhibit how feminine designs complement structured and rough-looking cuts and oversized, masculine clothing pieces. If you like wearing edgy and boyish coats and jackets while maintaining a fresh and playful vibe, this is the brand that will suit your mood and design choice.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on any of these cool and noteworthy brands! Head to your nearest clothing boutique or check your favourite online clothing store to see more of their collections.



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