The world of fashion is an ever-evolving one and sustainability is taking centre stage. If you follow the trends that have been making news in the fashion industry, you will come to know about how hand-woven cotton sarees are making a comeback. Surprisingly, they have not lost an inch of popularity and are chosen by more and more women. 

From contributing to a green planet to making a strong style statement, handloom cotton sarees are the modern-day attire for women. Be it for office wear, casual occasions, parties, or weddings, just change the hues and you are good to go. Hand-woven cotton sarees are a sustainable choice as the spinning and weaving process takes place in hand looms instead of power looms. Naturally, the fabric that is produced is not only eco-friendly but is soft on the skin.

Why buying handloom cotton sarees online is a sustainable choice?

Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and the reasons are understandable. Usually, the sarees cultivated on handloom are organic and do not rely on chemicals or synthetic products, making them a unanimous choice. Handloom textiles have existed for centuries with sarees weaved using conventional techniques. With that come unlimited benefits, not only for the planet but for the wearer and the artisan. So, let’s get into ways in which weaving handloom contributes to preserving the planet.

Using natural resources sustainably

One of the most prominent reasons why women are flocking to buy handloom cotton sarees online is the comfort associated with the attire. Usually, handloom weavers focus on natural fibres like linen, cotton, and jute. For the environment-conscious divas, choosing sarees is a different ballgame. That is why fashionistas are into choosing fibres with minimal environmental impact. Natural fibres are bio-degradable and renewable and hence more environment-friendly compared to their synthetic counterparts. If you are conscious about promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, choose hand-woven sarees and save the planet from damage. 

Conserve the Cultural Legacy

Handloom weaving is what we have seen coming across generations. Remember those printed Begumpur cotton sarees and the traditional “laal paar saada saree” that our mothers and grandmothers carried so graciously? Each region of Bengal has a unique pattern of weaving cotton sarees, reflecting the cultural legacy of India. Dora By Phoenix stands at the forefront of top-notch saree boutiques, offering a splendid collection of Bengal cotton sarees online. Their mission is deeply rooted in empowering the handloom industry and uplifting the lives of talented artisans throughout Bengal and India.

The Energy-Efficient Saree Weaving Process

Handloom weaving scores a few brownie points for being energy-efficient compared to the large-scale machine manufacturing process. Handlooms are run by local weavers, thereby eliminating the need for fossil fuels or electricity. Due to the involvement of manual labour, when producing cotton hand-woven sarees, sustainability gets its due. By promoting the local artisans, saree manufacturers are also consciously reducing the carbon footprint. The best saree shops in Kolkata favour sustainable production processes. 

Reduce Waste Generation 

Do you know that weaving sarees on handloom generates minimal or zero waste? Had it not been for the meticulous planning of artisans, saree lovers would have been living in a harmful environment. Usually, the workers know the amount of yarn needed for weaving each saree and repurpose what is left. Moreover, handloom artisans abstain from using chemical dyes. No wonder, you will come across fantastic prints on cotton sarees where only plant-based dyes are used. Also, the saree production process does not release harmful chemicals into the environment. 

Promote the Idea of Slow Fashion 

With handloom sarees, the idea of slow fashion is reinforced. Wondering how? Hand-woven products are more durable and made to last longer. Naturally, investing in hand-weaved sarees reduces the idea of fast fashion that overwhelmingly promotes overconsumption, pollutes and adds to landfills. Handloom sarees are unique and versatile. They offer a variety of designs, colours, and textures that can suit different occasions and preferences and if you outgrow it, you can turn it into something useful. 

Are Cotton Handloom Sarees a Perfect Fashion Diva?

Apart from establishing an eco-friendly planet, cotton hand-woven sarees are incredibly fashion-friendly.  Now, you can elevate your style effortlessly with a choice of Begumpur cotton saree. 

Handloom sarees are contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry by embracing traditional craftsmanship, natural materials, and ethical practices. As saree lovers become more conscious of the environmental and social impact of their clothing choices, handloom attire provides an attractive and responsible alternative to the fashion world. Handloom cotton sarees can elevate your style quotient with contrasting handloom blouses and traditional accessories such as statement necklaces and earrings, for a truly captivating and elegant look.



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