When it’s summer, it is the time to switch almost all habits from lifestyle, garments, foods, etc. This is because our whole body needs change to get adapted to the new climate and its related conditions. Among all, garments should be given utmost priority so that the skin is free from any sort of external problems that occur. 

When it’s summer, it is time to choose cotton over other materials; This is because cotton is one perfect material which suits almost all skin types and is friendly to the environment too. Cotton is one of the coolest and skin-friendly materials which suits almost all skin types, especially this summer. Due to harsh sun rays, it is normal for us to get rashes, sweat bombs, and a lot more. For hot and humid climatic conditions, choosing cotton is one of the best choices to go with. So, make sure to use a skin-friendly garment so that the skin is breathable. From daily wear to the office and even occasional wear, choosing cotton material is one of the best choices to go with, especially in this hot summer season. 

There are quite a lot of benefits to choosing cotton material. Thye is breathable, skin-friendly, environmentally friendly, absorb sweat, easy to wash, and maintain too. Even though there are a lot of cotton Kurtis available, going with chikankari cotton kurtis would be way too awesome. Especially, the new trend in the garment is the chikankari kurti, which is quite common. The Cotton Chikan Kurtas are evergreen and will never go out of style.  There are quite a lot of variants, designs, and colours available in cotton chikankari kurti; While that includes short kurtas, Anarkali sets, palazzo sets, straight kurta sets, and the list goes on.

Since chikankari is one of the most finely and intricately designed works, the garments may fall on the slightly expensive side. But choosing cotton and chikankari go hand-in-hand, and might be under your budget too! Since cotton is one of the most used fabrics, make sure to never miss them wearing it this summer, by adding a sense of class and style.

There are quite a lot of variants available when choosing cotton chikankari kurta collections. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Florals:

No matter what, flower designs are always and most probably will be in style for the upcoming years too. This will even make your summer outfit comfortable, calm, and easy-peasy too.

  1. Pastel:

One of the most loved and favourite colours of almost all the woman out there. The colour will give you a pleasant and calming look no matter how bad the hot sun hits.

  1. Classic:

White will always be classy and in-style too. Pairing the full white kurti with an elegant neck piece would make your wear simple, classy, and elegant at the same time.

  1. Dark Colours:

No matter what the climatic condition is, never go without choosing bright colours. They might to give a sense of fresh and instant brighter look.



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