To begin with, the answer to the question is both a Yes and a No

Why is the duality of this answer confusing us and why don’t we have clear black and white answers instead? Let us check out the reasons supporting both the Yes and the No in detail. 

Why are Corporate T-Shirts One of the Effective Marketing Strategies?

  • Economical

Custom polos and round neck T-Shirts shirts are common among the corporate houses. While many firms encourage employees to wear them at special outdoor events, many others wear them at all times. Whatever is the case, it is cost-effective to create the shirts and distribute them among employees. 

Shirts with company logos, encouraging words, and bright graphics will draw positive attention. The overall cost of such corporate T-Shirts is far less than an ad on a TV channel or radio. 

  • Visibility and Brand Recognition 

Imagine a situation, when you identify a shop or an outlet by the custom T-Shirts that the staff wears. From telecom service providers to pizzeria outlets, to retail outlets, these custom shirts are everywhere. You are probably identifying many successful businesses from their T-Shirts with logos and taglines? Great! 

It just reminds you of how the brand has wisely built a connection with you. You can even differentiate between two brands just by looking at the dress or corporate shirts from those companies. As employees, when they walk around a busy mall, they are advertising for the brand. This increases brand visibility by a great margin and leads to greater sales and market share. 

  • Long Term Use 

Many firms take care of using high-quality fabrics and dyes that are fade-resistant and durable. Those patrons would also wear these shirts as they go shopping, meet friends or families. Superior quality custom corporate shirts will outlast other promotional ideas like chocolates, movie tickets, and lunches. Trying to give out custom corporate shirts as seasonal gifts to vendors, partners, stakeholders, will create an everlasting impression of the brand and increase brand loyalty and repeat business

  • Nurture a Sense of Belongingness 

Custom T-Shirts for all employees are one of the easiest and most effective ways for a company to create a sense of belonging and oneness among all the employees. This will also help break silos among teams and may promote increased collaboration between teams. 

High-quality custom T-Shirts with good designs and messages will make the employees wear these custom apparel often, and this promotes your business and brand in an economical yet effective way. Of course, your employees will also feel great to be a part of a company that cares for them. 

Why Corporate T-Shirts May Not be as Effective a Tool?

  • Improper Artwork and Graphics: Companies have to pay attention to what they put and how they design corporate T-Shirts. They will need to think of the right designs as using too bright colors or too much writing can spoil the visual impact. Ideally, just having a logo on the back near the neck, or on armbands will be enough. Having too many logos everywhere will mess up the design. Likewise, having multiple slogans might lose out the main purpose of the T-Shirt. Yes, your T-Shirt should have artwork and graphics, but your purpose is to reach out through these custom shirts. Branding will take a backseat if you overdo any design or color. 
  • Inferior quality: Low-quality T-Shirts will make the employees not wear shirts and will stay in their cupboards forever. This will not be an effective way to get the benefits of branding and marketing for your business
  • Chances of Getting Lost in the Crowd: Too many businesses in the present days are coming up with these corporate T-Shirts strategy as they are economical and effective.  So it becomes very important for your company’s custom T-Shirt to be of the highest quality with attractive and meaningful designs.

In conclusion, we admit that custom T-Shirts are an effective marketing tool when used appropriately using professionals who specialize in custom apparel like Gubbacci specializes in Custom T-Shirts, Custom Hoodies, Custom Polos, Corporate T-Shirts, Custom Caps, and Corporate Uniforms. 



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