The recent outbreak of Covid-19 in the year 2020 has made many changes in everyone’s lifestyle. It has taught many things, from wearing masks to sneezing into the closed elbow or washing your hands before and after touching anything. These things must have become part of your daily habits as well. Isn’t it? Whether you go to a mall, office, theatre, schools, restaurants, doctor’s clinic or grocery store, you will find a hand sanitiser station installed at the entry. Due to the non-availability of soap and running water everywhere, contactless hand sanitiser dispensers have gained immense popularity these days.

Features of contactless sanitiser stations

No touch technology

Unlike manual sanitiser bottles, you can use contactless sanitiser dispensers without physically touching them. You just need to bring your hands near the nozzle, and the sanitiser will start dispensing through it. They are built using ultrasonic and infrared sensor technology to provide the ultimate safety and protection against germs, viruses, and bacterias.

High durability and sturdy

Hand sanitiser dispensers come in a variety of shapes and designs. They are usually sturdy and durable. You will find them mounted on a wall and therefore have a lesser chance of wear and tear damage. You can use them for many years if proper instructions are followed and regular maintenance is done.

Dispense a standard quantity of sanitiser

It is a machine programmed to dispense the predetermined amount of sanitiser for cleaning both hands. This is the most significant advantage of hand sanitiser dispensers allowing you to regulate the standard quantity while dispensing.

Safe & Hygienic

As these stations dispense a standard amount of sanitiser, there are no or fewer spillages or cause of mess around it. Thus, it has almost no wastage even when used by hundreds of people each day.

Less maintenance

These types of dispensers require less maintenance. They work based on sensor technology which gets activated only when your hand comes in front of the nozzle. It works on zero contact mechanism, causes the least wastage and offers good care to your hand hygiene.

Modern Appearance

Modern sanitiser stations come in sleek and stylish designs. They add to the beauty of the place where they are installed and give it a modern touch. They attract the visitors and encourage them to clean their hands before entering the premises.

Hopefully, now you are fascinated by the contactless sanitiser dispensers and are willing to get one installed at your workplace. Is it true? If yes, continue reading and find out what to look for while buying a hand sanitiser station.

Things to consider when choosing a sanitiser dispenser

Quality of construction:

Usually, you will find them built with metal or plastics. Metals add corrosion resistance features to the station. If it is made of plastics, don’t forget to check its sturdiness.

Type of dispenser:

They are available in two designs- wall-mounted and floor mounted. You can pick as per your space availability and requirements.

Capacity of dispenser:

Obviously, you would not like to refill it now and then. Better you check out the capacity it holds.

Dispensing Amount:

Make sure it dispenses an adequate amount of sanitiser enough to clean both hands.


Several stations are available in the market that is compact, easy to install and maintain regularly.

Your initial point of contact with germs and viruses is often your hands. Therefore, contactless sanitiser stations are the real heroes saving us from various infections. They help you maintain the proper hand hygiene on which the medical professionals have constantly been emphasising for the last many years. So if you are all set to reopen your office after covid, don’t forget to get the best sanitiser dispenser installed at your place and offer your employees the shield of safety and hand hygiene.



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