Owning a gun is one of the fundamental rights protected by the Constitution. Many Americans have guns for women in their homes. Hunting and self-defense are the main two
reasons cited for gun ownership.

The person behind you in the grocery store line could have a firearm on them, and
you wouldn’t even know. Concealed carry allows gun owners to carry their weapons
in communal public spaces discreetly, often with a tactical belt. Here are four things
to keep in mind about concealed carry.

Firearm Laws Differ By Location

Carrying a firearm is technically legal in all 50 states, but each state has gun
control laws. However, the entire state might not fit under the same gun law

Laws can vary throughout different cities and towns within the state. It’s a gun
owner’s responsibility to learn and abide by the specific rules anywhere they plan to
conceal carry.

You Can Minimize Risks

There’s a misconception that gun owners are just waiting for the chance to shoot
someone, particularly those who conceal carry. Contrary to popular belief,
responsible gun owners would prefer not to have to use their weapons.
The world is a dangerous place. Grocery stores, concerts, schools – nowhere is safe
from an active shooter.

But many shootings are isolated events, meaning gun violence doesn’t typically
happen often, if ever, in those areas. High crime rates are often localized to specific
neighborhoods within a city or town.
You can minimize your risk of needing to use your weapon by avoiding areas with
high crime rates.

Be Prepared Doesn’t Mean Provoke

Carrying a gun can give the holder a false sense of invisibility that can change into
arrogance. Your outward behavior is another way to minimize your risk of
encountering violence. Avoid behavior that could provoke a fight or incident where
you have no choice but to brandish your weapon.

The purpose of concealed carry is to maintain your safety in any situation, not to
create an unsafe situation. Keep in mind that some states have discarded laws
requiring concealed carry permits. You may not be the only one in the public space

Your Gun Might Be Showing

Your weapon can leave an outline in your clothing, known as ‘printing.’ Or your shirt
can unexpectedly rise, showing the concealed firearm. There are some situations
where you may want others to know you have a gun, but other times it defeats the
purpose of concealed carry.

Unconsciously touching or adjusting your gun is another telltale sign to others
around you that you’re carrying. Even long-time gun holders can unintentionally
reveal their firearms. They might be more at risk because they are so used to
having a gun that they don’t give it a second thought.

Gun ownership is a massive responsibility in general. Those who choose concealed
carry accept even more weight on their shoulders because they could end up being
the only thing standing between a bad guy with a gun and tragedy.



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