Have you gone shopping lately for a Pattu saree and immediately you enter the store you get lost and confused about what to choose? When you think of silk the first thing that comes to mind is bright colours.

In some parts of India, it’s a tradition to buy silk sarees for the women of the house on auspicious occasions. Indian women prefer wearing silk sarees as ethnic wear for different occasions because they come in multiple colour combinations.

Here are some of the colour combinations that might interest you.

Parrot green and pink

Parrot green and pink

This striking combination of green and pink will bring a colourful and unique spin to your wardrobe. This colour combination has been trending since the old days and it’s still trending. You can drape on a saree with this colour combination for a family occasion. Parrot green and pink saree is the perfect choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.

White and black

White and black Pattu Saree

If you’re not afraid of wearing white or black to any festive occasion, then you can rock a white and black pattu saree to any function. This colour combination of your Pattu saree will make you look different and give you a unique look.

Green and red

Green and red Pattu Sarees

A dark green leafy pattu saree with a crimson red border is a very appealing combination that will leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet. To add charm to this stylish and elegant apparel, you can pair it with eye-catching jewellery.

Blue and pink

wedding or an evening party saree designs

Red and green

saree with green borders

If you want to leave a lasting impression, this extraordinary colour combination is the way to go. These stylish and elegant colours will be a perfect fit for a wedding. You can try a red saree with green borders paired with eye-catching jewellery to add elegance to the outfit. A striking look for a bride would be a parrot green saree with red embroidered sleeves with green borders.

Purple and orange

your Banarasi silk saree

These are two bright colours but when combined they produce a charismatic colour combination that you can adorn to festive occasions, weddings, or parties. A fusion of purple and orange on your Banarasi silk saree from stylecaret will bring out your elegance and beauty. This unique colour combination will make heads turn.

Purple/violet and pink

Purple violet and pink Saree

Purple/violet and pink are two vibrant colours that when combined work well for any skin tone. This is an outfit you can wear to a special occasion. Paired with glittering jewelry this ensemble will add charm to your personality and earn you a ton of compliments.

Yellow and pink

Yellow and pink

In South India, apart from the off-white saree, the yellow and pink colour combination is meant for weddings. This attractive combination of colours can be worn, passed on, or preserved. Whether in small or big borders, this colour combination would especially look good in kanjeevaram and ikkat.

Blue and silver zari

Of late, the deep blue with animal or bird motifs sarees is trending. This saree has no borders but when paired with different blouse designs will give you an interesting look for festive occasions. The animal and bird motif design with gold zari makes this saree unique. This is one of the must-have pattern sarees in your wardrobe.

Off-white and maroon

Off-white and maroon saree

This is a rocking combination that is popular since the olden days. Save this perfect combination saree for an upcoming festive season.

Peach and parrot green

Peach and parrot green Pattu Sarees

To bring a new spin to your greens you can opt for a unique and colourful shade of green. The peach and parrot green borders is an exciting combination for your wardrobe. You can flaunt this outfit to festive occasions.

Green and purple

Green and purple Pattu Sarees

This is a forever loved colour combination that will never go out of style. A beautiful lush green saree with a purple blouse is an evergreen combination that is loved by many women. These rich vibrant shades of colour enhance your beauty and make you stand out.

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Yellow and red

Yellow and red Pattu Sarees

Though these two colours are very contrasting, they have a flattering shade that is very attractive. Brides love this colour combination for their wedding day. This mix of colours is very trendy to have in your wardrobe for that special occasion.

Blue and orange

Blue and orange Pattu Sarees

These are the two favourite colours that can be found adorned by women at Diwali festivals. If you are going for that gorgeous and rich look, this vibrant blue and orange pattu saree is just what you need.

Muted red/orange with green

Muted red orange with green Pattu Sarees

A simple parrot green blouse is a must-have in your closet. Brides love to combine this green blouse with other pattu saree colours to give you a beautiful, elegant, and eye-catching outfit. You can try adorning a red or orange saree with a mild green blouse.

White and black with pink

White and black with pink Pattu Sarees

A white and black checkered pattu saree with a hotlink border is a refreshing change from the plain sarees. This is a funky combination of coloured that has become common among young girls.

Blue and purple

Blue and purple Pattu Sarees

Blue can blend well with many vibrant hues to give you a mind-blowing outfit every time. You can combine the classic blue with purple tones paired with eye-catching jewellery for that elegant look.

Gold with orange/ pink

Gold with orange/ pink Pattu Sarees

A gold saree that has a detailed maroon tint is an eye-catching outfit. However, a gold saree with orange or pink details is another colour combination you can add to your wardrobe.

Red with blue

Red with blue Pattu Sarees

This flamboyant colour combination paired with the right jewellery and embellishments will make you stand out. If you want to go bold with rich colours, this combination is a perfect choice.


There are tons of colourful pattu sarees you can pick to go with your special occasion.



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