Life is busy – but you make time to clean your house when you can. You vacuum the floors, dust the shelves, and even clean out the refrigerator on occasion. 

But what about those household items you haven’t cleaned in months –  or even years? Sometimes the typical household cleaning process overlooks a few essential objects. 

Keep reading to find out what they are along with cleaning tips to get the job done. Time to roll up your sleeves and get cleaning!

1. Toothbrush Holder

When is the last time you cleaned your toothbrush holder? It’s pretty important considering you use your toothbrush inside your mouth every day! But people often overlook this during the household cleaning process.

To clean your toothbrush holder rinse it in hot water to remove dried toothpaste and other residue. Then, add three drops of tea tree oil and vinegar. Mix the oil, vinegar, and hot water and then rinse again. Dry thoroughly before putting your toothbrush back in.

You should try to clean your toothbrush holder at least once a month. Or at the very least you should clean it when you replace your toothbrush which should be every 3 to 4 months.

2. Sponges

If you use sponges for household cleaning you know how effective they can be to clean surfaces in your home. But for sponges to work effectively they also have to be cleaned. 

Throwing away used sponges is always an option but to get the most out of each sponge you can clean them at least once before tossing them out. Aim to clean your sponges once or twice a week and throw them away after about two weeks of use.

To do this, wet the sponge with hot water and microwave it on high for one minute. The microwave eliminates 99% of germs on the sponge!

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is another household item that people often overlook during household cleaning. But cleaning your jewelry can make it look better and last longer. 

Wondering how to clean jewelry? Well, it depends on the type of jewelry you have. For precious metals like gold, white gold, silver, and sterling silver you can use a polishing cream that will remove any tarnish. Your jewelry will look as good as new!

Use a polishing cloth and follow the directions on the polishing cream. You can also use a polishing cream on household items like sterling silver flatware or a gold picture frame.

4. Reusable Shopping Bags

Your reusable shopping bags can collect food scraps, dust, dirt, and germs. Just because you can reuse it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cleaning it once in a while too. Try to clean your shopping bags after three or four uses or if there is a noticeable spill.

To clean fabric reusable bags you can put them directly in the washing machine with detergent and then in the dryer. For bags made with recycled plastic, wash them by hand with warm water and soap. Let them air dry and do not put them in the dryer.

5. Computer Keyboard

Your computer keyboard is likely one of the germiest surfaces in your home. Luckily, you can clean it! Start by unplugging it and use isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber cloth to clean the keys. You can also use a cotton swab with the alcohol solution.

This cleaning method is safe for desktop and laptop computers. If you want to remove dust or crumbs you can also use compressed air on the keyboard. You can also use a spray cleaner for your keyboard but do not spray directly on the computer surface. Instead, spray it on a cloth and then wipe it down and let it dry.

6. Window Blinds

Window blinds are notoriously dusty no matter how hard your try to keep them clean. They can also be tough to reach with standard dusting equipment.

Next time you need to clean your window blinds, try using a sock and a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Put your hand inside the sock and then into the water and vinegar mixture. Then wipe the surfaces of the blinds with your hands. It’s a simple cleaning hack that will save you time and frustration when it comes to hard-to-reach surfaces.

7. The Mattress

Does your mattress have an unpleasant odor? When is the last time you cleaned it? Many people regularly wash their sheets, pillowcases, and comforter but ignore the mattress.

You can vacuum your mattress to capture dust. And you can use baking soda to help with any odor. Put the baking soda into a sifter and shake it over the mattress. Let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Vacuum the remaining baking soda. And just like that you have eliminated the odor and have a freshly cleaned mattress. You can also try using a few drops of essential oils with the baking soda for a more powerful scent.

A Few More Cleaning Tips

When in doubt – use the internet. If you’re wondering how to clean a specific surface or object in your house, chances are someone out there has had the same issue. You’ll be amazed at the cleaning hacks you can find online.

For example, did you know you can use a coffee filter to dust your television screen? Or that water and vinegar can remove mildew and soap scum from a shower curtain liner? How about using a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan? There are plenty of creative cleaning techniques out there for all your household cleaning needs.

A Clean and Happy Home

Now you know how to clean household objects. It’s time to put these cleaning tips to the test – give it a try and experience the satisfaction of a clean home. Because is there anything that gives you peace of mind like knowing your home is clean?

You can find more cleaning and lifestyle tips along with health and style advice when you browse our blogs!

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