It is possible to now get treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home. There is no longer a need to travel to appointments and potentially miss time off from work or school. This can be especially helpful if you are not quite comfortable having to walk into a hospital or mental health clinic. 

There is no need to take additional time off from work. In fact, most face-to-face appointments are usually scheduled Monday through Friday during the nine to five hours, which makes it rather inconvenient. Online CBT has the ability to be accessed any time throughout the day or night as well as the weekends. 

There is no need for everyone in your life to know you are in therapy. It is possible to receive treatment in an anonymous manner without your friends, family, or co-workers knowing about your situation. You are free to discuss the situation with your GP, but that is entirely up to you. 

It is possible to relive your sessions whenever you have the need to. It can be difficult to remember every aspect of a therapy session a week or month later, especially if you have many things on your mind. Online therapy features the availability to access the entire session you had with the therapist from the start to the last session. It is possible to keep these records for as long as you desire. 

This allows you the opportunity to look over life lessons, learning points, thoughts, and feelings, as well as any other goals or homework that had been discussed during the sessions. 

Months down the road, it will be possible to reread past conversations and treatment plans to refresh yourself on your learnings and apply them in a real-world experience without the possibility of relapsing. 

Through this process, you can easily track your progress. Through online therapy, it is possible to create and track specific goals, which allows you to see exactly how you are doing. You also have the ability to view a graph from symptom questionnaires that are filled in on a weekly basis. If you have had issues meeting and completing your goals or feel as though your situation is worsening, it is possible to watch this and discuss it with your therapist. Get in touch with the professionals at

There is no need to have everything in writing. Face-to-face CBT involves a number of experiments in which the patient will practice certain types of behavior with a volunteer as a part of the treatment process. For example, if you are looking to be more assertive, it is possible to rehearse a conversation before having it in real life.



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