Cannabis industry growth continues to be fairly fast. Now, numerous studies are available that analyze weed industry trends and data, so that brands can adapt to changing market demands and requirements. Click here and check out other products.

The number of women entering the workforce has increased recently. The ability to adapt to shifts in the market is essential for weed businesses, and we are here to share insights.

Women Are Increasingly Present On The Market

This recent analysis conducted by Seattle, Washington, leading cannabis analytics was examined in depth by a cannabis industry news magazine. Data from weed customer loyalty programs revealed that female consumers are increasingly entering the cannabis industry, along with differences in their buying habits. Their share of the weed market has risen from 32.7% to 33.6%.

Recreational marijuana is legal in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. In comparing the amount of money spent on pot products by women and men, the following is notable;

  • In all four states, there is a greater likelihood that a man will purchase flowers. Only $36.30 of every $100 is spent on flowers by women, while $43.90 is spent by men
  • All four states offer a higher likelihood of women purchasing pre-rolls.
  • The number of women who prefer vape pens surpasses that of men in most states.
  • Women spend more on weed-infused products than on beverages, capsules, tinctures, or topicals.

Advertising products tend to be influenced by cannabis trends. Women’s growing purchase of weed does indeed have an effect on the statistics. Despite making up only half of the population, women make most of the purchases made by American consumers. According to projections, the legal cannabis market will continue to grow, as will spending power.

Women’s Cannabis Use Differs From Men’s

In 2017, a study released by New Frontier Data examined what motivates women to use marijuana. Women usually consume marijuana as a social or leisure activity. Weed has a wide range of wellbeing-improving effects, but women are typically more interested in exploring them. Respondents reported using cannabis to relieve stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, cope with chronic pain, and prevent nausea. According to a study published in the journal Sexual Medicine last year, pot can also help relieve menstrual pain and boost sexual function in women.

Employing Women In Dispensaries

Retailers or brands can market to this growing group of consumers in several ways. It is likely that women will feel more relaxed making weed purchases at stores with a diverse staff and a visible commitment to social drives and a commitment to improving overall profits.

The Primary Focus Is On Benefits And Sustainability

Since women value sustainability more than men, sustainable weed businesses will likely attract female customers through green marketing campaigns and materials.

Furthermore, advertisements for weed products should emphasize their benefits. The high levels of THC in weed are often used by females for medical reasons rather than for its “high” effects. Check out to learn more about THC.

CBD As A Wellness Product For Women

The effects of CBD may be alleviated in women suffering from menopause and PMS. Female customers are also attracted to CBD products that promote health and wellness. In order to engage women in the marketplace, brands need to explain on the packaging how they can manage hormonal balance or minimize unwanted symptoms.

Diversify The Products Offered

Additionally, retailers seeking to cater to growing numbers of women who use weed may consider retail plans that highlight women-friendly edibles, beverages, topical creams, sprays, and vapes.

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