Wearing a wig properly requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common wig wearing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Wearing a wig is easy, right? You just place it on your head and go on with your day. Not exactly.

In truth, there are all sorts of mistakes one can make when wearing a wig. These mistakes can not only affect the look of the wig but the wig itself. 

Wondering what mistakes to look out for? Then read on. Here are 4 common wig wearing mistakes and how to avoid them. 

1. Getting the Size Wrong

Perhaps the most common mistake associated with wearing a wig is choosing the wrong wig size. There are many different wig sizes out there, and it’s vital that you find one that properly fits your head. 

This will require measuring your head before buying. The key here is to measure the circumference of your head over the imaginary line where the wig will be placed. Wrap a measuring tape around your entire head and note the measurement. 

Once you have this, be sure to choose a wig that accommodates it. Read the product details carefully to ensure that you have the right size. 

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2. Positioning the Wig Incorrectly

Another common mistake that people make when wearing wigs is positioning the wig incorrectly. Proper wig position is imperative, as it enables the wig to convey a natural look. If it’s not properly aligned, it will look awkward and maybe even silly. 

So, how do you position a wig properly? The front of the wig should come to rest just below the natural hairline. The ear tabs should sit just in front of the ears, not over them. And finally, all of the wearer’s natural hair should be tucked under the wig evenly.

3. Not Understanding the Different Types of Wigs

There are several different types of wigs, each of which offers different benefits, drawbacks, and properties. By not understanding the characteristics of each, you leave yourself vulnerable to aesthetic, financial, and fitting mistakes. 

The cheapest is the synthetic wig. Human hair wigs cost more money but also look more authentic. 

And then there are lace front and full lace wigs. These have the most authentic look, as they seamlessly blend in with the wearer’s authentic hairline. 

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4. Failing to Style the Wig

Most wigs don’t come styled. As such, if you don’t style them yourself, they’re likely not going to look great on you. 

There are all sorts of ways to style wigs. You can put them in ponytails and buns; you can use straightening and curling irons on them; you can even add hair products to them. 

In any case, when styling, be sure to follow proper wig care instructions. Read the product description carefully. 

Take Heed of These Common Wig Wearing Mistakes 

If you want your wig to look good, feel comfortable, and last for as long as possible, you must take heed of these common wig-wearing mistakes. Failure to do so will negatively affect the look and performance of your wig, costing you money and causing you distress in the long run. 

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