Believe it or not, lingerie is an essential part of a woman’s dressing. Whether it is providing the right shape or the perfect comfort, the undergarments play a crucial role in women’s dressing. When you go out to buy women’s lingerie, there are plenty of things you need to consider to pick the right products. Often women are confused among the options and they end up making mistakes. 

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the common mistakes that women are likely to make while buying lingerie. 

#1 Choosing The Fabric

lacy underwear

It is the most crucial decision to make. It is advised not to wear lacy underwear under tight pants or thin t-shirts. There are chances that it will create roughness on your fabric. Seamless and wire-free bras are always a better option to keep your look aesthetic. 

#2 Right Sized Shapewear


When trying shapewear, it is essential to consider the shape. Buying smaller size lingerie to look good is not the right way to wear shapewear. Never go for smaller sized shapewear and choose the correct size always. 

#3 The Perfect Bra Size

Bra Size

Apart from selecting the right fabric, it is essential to select your lingerie in the right size, especially your bra. Choosing a smaller bra size can result in severe back pain and disrupted blood flow. It would be best if you always chose a bra with the right size and straps. Make sure it is not squeezing anything too much. 

#4 The Color Matters

 bra panty color

When you choose your lingerie to wear under different outfits, it is essential to consider the colour. You would not want to wear something that is seen through your outfit. Choose flesh-coloured bras and thin fabric when wearing whites. 

#5 Perfect Homewear

Every woman loves to take off their bras after a tiring and hectic work as soon as they get home. There are a wide number of women who get saggy breasts due to this. The best option is to choose homewear that is comfy and supporting. 

#6 Choose The Best Material

Choosing the material is also a crucial decision that decides the comfort level of your lingerie. So always make sure that you check the label properly to ensure the right material. 100% of cotton is comfortable, but they get stretchy. online casinos india Instead, you can go for 80% cotton and 20% elastane. 

#7 Panty Style

Panty Style

There are different types of panties available in the market that are meant for different styling. It is better to use full coverage panties instead of thongs for everyday wear. 

#8 Matching Top and Bottom

Matching Top and Bottom

At times, women mix their top and bottom lingerie. Though there is nothing wrong, you should consider matching them for better comfort. 

#9 Comfort Underwear

Underwear is not meant for styling; it is meant to provide you with comfort. Choose boxers over any other underwear for more comfort and coverage. 

#10 Consider Body Shape

You must consider body shapes as well when you are choosing lingerie. For instance, pear body shape must wear shorts to get a better shape. 

These were some of the tips that you need to consider while shopping for your underwear. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes and buy the right product.



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