Linen is a lightweight fabric that is well-known for its versatile appeal. It is derived from the fiber of the flax plants. This fabric is among the oldest textiles in the world. The name has a Latin origin and is derived from ‘Linum,’ which means flax plant. Sarees that are made from linen are a permanent fixture in an ethnic wardrobe.

Linen sarees are perfect for every season, especially in the Indian summers. One should buy linen sarees online to get a classy and elegant ethnic look.

In this article, we would be talking in detail about this amazing fabric and why it is sought-after by women in India.

Origin of Linen Sarees in India

Linen Sarees in India

Generally, it takes a lot of time as well as effort to make a linen saree, however, every end product is worth the effort. Linen is extremely soft and has good absorption properties. Thus, it is one of the best choices for Indian summers. It gives a fresh look to the individual, whether it is for work or just for a casual outing.

The fabric also has an interesting history. The origin of linen goes thousands of years back when human beings started transforming fiber of plants to string and cloth. Linen was discovered in 5000 B.C when the fabric was weaved from the flax plant. The flax plant grows in Central Asia as well as the Mediterranean region. Sarees were mostly hand-spun at that time; hence the finish was quite different from present-day linen sarees.

Ethnic Look with Linen Silk Sarees

Linen silk sarees are quite popular among youngsters. They are fashionable and comfortable at the same time, especially during the summers. Indian summers are mostly hot and humid; thus, a lot of thought goes into choosing the right clothing for summers. Any fabric which isn’t sweat-absorbent is not preferred, even if it is the most stylish fabric in the market.

One such rare fabric fusion that spells both comfort and style is linen silk. The linen silk sarees are associated with small knots or slubs that appear arbitrarily along its length.  

Attributes of Silk Linen Sarees

Silk adds to the natural glow of linen and renders a “raw” and unique look to the sarees. Silk linen sarees can absorb and lose 20% to 25% of the moisture without giving any damp or uneasy feeling. This makes it a great fit for hot and humid weather. It is a good idea to buy linen sarees online as they are quite sweat-absorbent.

Linen sarees are known to enhance a woman’s look as they do not cling to their body, rather highlight the curves. These sarees can easily absorb moisture and do not cause any rashes. Another good quality of the linen is that it does not stretch easily, making it highly durable. Linen also gets softer as you use and wash it. There are several different natural colors available in linen sarees. Maintenance of linen sarees is easy as they naturally resist dirt and stain.

The Versatile Appeal of Linen Sarees

Contrary to popular belief, linen sarees are not only designed for older women. Since linen sarees are lightweight, gorgeous, and fresh, they appeal to women of all age groups. This versatile fabric enables one to experiment as you can easily team them up with stylish accessories and create a fusion look. Linen sarees can fit in easily with your corporate look as well as your evening look. You can get yourself acquainted with different draping styles so that you can style yourself better in a linen saree.

Why Do Women Love Linen Sarees?

Linen sarees accentuate a woman’s curves by not clinging to their body but rather highlighting their strengths. Since a linen saree can easily absorb moisture, it would not cause any rashes. Also, since they do not stretch easily, they last for a long time. Rather, the linen sarees get softer as they are washed, and hence, they last for a long time.

There is also a huge variety of colors and designs available in linen sarees which make them an appealing product among women. Thus the linen sarees are a perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience.


Thus, it can be concluded that linen sarees are a perfect blend of style and comfort. Every saree connoisseur generally has at least two to three varieties of linen sarees in the wardrobe. So, without waiting any further, make sure you go and buy linen sarees online today!



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