Wondering how to stand out as a bride in your wedding?

There is no surprise that the Indian weddings are the most colorful and rich in culture and this also takes up with the bridal blouse designs which are the goals for every girl at her wedding.

The best thing you can do is choose from a variety of options from the wedding blouse catalogue which consists of various designs to make sure you do not compromise on elegance in your own marriage. 

Latest Bridal Blouse Designs for Wedding 

It is 2021 and people are driving a little away from sophisticated cutwork in their blouses but one thing which elevates a bride’s elegance is a designer blouse that compliments her personality. Blouse designs are always going to be in fashion for every bride in the coming future.

If you are planning to make your wedding to be classic and glamorous, a beautiful lehenga blouse design is the way to go.

Bridal Saree Blouse Designs for Wedding

Indians are no strangers to sarees in their culture. The bride with a beautiful saree works perfectly with the theme of the wedding and blends with everything to look memorable. You can wear different kinds of sarees to match with the blouse with works of gold with it.

Sarees are highlighted mostly because of the blouse especially when it is a designer one. It always brings out the beauty of the wedding and the personality of the bride herself with rich elegance.

Let us look into some of the rich looking bridal blouse designs.

Bridal Embroidered Saree Blouse Designs

Bridal Embroidered Saree Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

The brides with a flair for flower embroidery can look nowhere else than this with a red half-sleeve blouse that looks unique and beautiful. It works very well with silk sarees like kanjivaram and heavy jewelry compliments very well with the overall design.

Bridal Embroidered Saree Blouse Designs

Bridal Embroidered Saree Blouse Designs

Source – pinterest

Any bride who loves to highlight her embroidery should opt for a dark blouse with heavy golden designs and it always looks stunning with the extra detailing adding to its charm. Adding some pearl jewelry can also be a bold move to make this very sophisticated.

Kanjivaram Saree Blouse Design for South Indian Wedding 

Kanjivaram Saree Blouse Design for South Indian Wedding

Source  – pinterest

South India is always popular for silk sarees especially kanjivaram ones and a simple half sleeve blouse design which blend with the color of the saree looks elemental and adds to your sophisticated attire. There is everything to fall in love with this attire for most women.

Maggam Work Saree Blouse Design With Stone

Maggam Work Saree Blouse Design With Stone

Source  – pinterest

Maggam blouse is very vibrant with saree and has the ability to become your favorite with its elegant patterns which makes a gorgeous statement with tradition and paired with a sweetheart neckline can get many guests talking making it hard to take their eyes off you.

Maroon Boat Neck Bridal Blouse Designs 

Maroon Boat Neck Bridal Blouse Designs

Source  – pinterest

If you are someone who prefers quite some amount of gold jewelry to catch some eyes in your marriage, you can always opt for Maroon Boat neck Bridal Blouse Design with a deep red blouse which really adds up with the style of your blouse and the gold. The ideal saree for this style really can be a Banarasi one since it looks quite elegant and classy.

Sleeveless Wedding Blouse

Source  – pinterest

If you are someone who is looking to be modern and stylish along with a hint of class of culture, a sleeveless wedding blouse can be a perfect option for you. This is a simple but effectively eye catchy which elevates your style in all bounds.

Frequently asked questions concerned with the Bridal Blouse Designs:

Even after being sure about wedding fashion planning, here are some questions related to marriage blouse designs.

  • Which is the best blouse design?

There are a variety of options for the brides especially in India, a country with magnificent culture and rich in tradition. You are sure to go for a blouse design which looks royal and feature rich for the occasion. A blouse which flatters you with colors and beautiful embroidery paired up with a lehenga is one of the best options in 2021 for you.

  • Which saree is best for a wedding?

One of the best and elegant way to go for a bride to compliment her charm is by opting for a saree on the most important day of her life. Sarees which are heavily worked, especially the silk ones are sure to flaunt your style while you can also opt for kanjivaran if you are south Indian. It is always the most versatile option for most. 

  • Which blouse is best for silk sarees?

The most important thing to compliment a saree is a well-designed blouse and gold jewelry. A half sleeve blouse design look can be eye catchy and one of the best ways to look your best in the wedding photographs. It can also paired with a bit of stone jewelry for the added detailing. 

  • How do you work an AARI blouse?

Aari, being one of the age-old Indian embroidery techniques in fashion can be a choice for someone looking to be unique for their wedding. This involves stretching of fabric and stitching with long needles which helps in added detailing which can attract more attention towards the bride in any marriage. 

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