When it comes to fashion, I’m all about following your style. When I’m not wearing my boyfriend’s clothes out of necessity (like when we have no clean laundry), I wear them because they’re comfortable and put together in a way that looks like mine. They often have the same aesthetic as my wardrobe—casual and relaxed but not sloppy—but sometimes they’re a little different from what I would pick for myself. It’s fun to mix up the pieces from both our wardrobes every once in a while!

Get the right fit.

The first thing you’ll want to do when considering wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is to ensure that they’re clean and in good condition. If the clothes are too small for you, they will look like he is still wearing them. The same goes for if the clothes are too big—it will make them look like they belong to him and not you!

Now that we’ve covered what not to do, let’s move on to some tips on how to style yourself with his threads:


Beanies are a great way to keep warm. They can be worn in many different ways, and it’s easy to create your style when you wear them. This is especially true if you’re wearing your boyfriend’s beanie since he’ll already have his unique style look at men’s beanies in Australia.

As I mentioned earlier, it can be intimidating wearing something that isn’t yours—especially if the item is more expensive than what you normally buy yourself. But if you take care of the beanie properly, it will last longer than any other sweater or hat that you might wear during the winter months!

Make sure the clothes are in good condition.

The first thing you should do when trying on your boyfriend’s clothes is to make sure they’re in good condition. Look for stains, holes, and rips. If there are any that can’t be washed or repaired, it’s probably best not to wear them at all. In this case, use a stain remover (or even just water) if you want to salvage the shirt or jeans and donate them to charity if they’re beyond repair.


What you need at suit shops:

  • a suit jacket and pants (you can buy a whole suit or just the jacket and pants)
  • a tie (you can get one at any department store)
  • dress shirt, which is just another button-down shirt but made with silk instead of polyester. You could also wear a regular button-down shirt if you have one.

The easiest way to pull off this look is to wear the dress shirt underneath your blazer instead of over it, then tuck it into your skirt or pants after you put them on. For an extra stylish touch, add some pearls around your neck—they’re great for men who don’t want to wear jewelry because they’re too feminine!

Choose what part of his style you want to emulate.

  • Choose what part of his style you want to emulate. Maybe you like his preppy look and want to add a pair of khaki pants and a chambray shirt to your wardrobe, or maybe it’s the casual, laid-back vibe that catches your eye. Just be sure that whatever aspect of his style you’re drawn to is something you feel comfortable wearing—if it’s not something that makes sense for your personality and lifestyle, chances are good that no matter how nice the clothes fit, they won’t feel right on you.
  • Make sure everything is in good condition! This might sound obvious, but it would be easy for an excited new boyfriend-wearer (or even an amateur) not to think about how worn out their new threads might be before trying them on for size. If he tends to pill sweaters or stained shirts, take these into account when choosing which items from his closet will work best for your style (and remember: some stains can work with certain outfits!).

Ugg Slippers

Are you need men’s ugg slippers?

  • Clean Uggs, please. Your boyfriend’s slippers probably still smell like him, which is fine, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear them around your house. Wash them first and then give them a dryer treatment with an anti-bacterial spray. You can also use Febreze (or any other odor remover) if they don’t smell too bad yet.
  • Wear the slippers with jeans or sweatpants. Pairing your boyfriend’s Uggs with jeans or sweats makes a casual outfit feel effortless and cozy—as you threw on the nearest thing you could find after coming home from work and getting changed into pajamas before dinner (which might very well be what happened).
  • Wear the slippers with a T-shirt or sweatshirt. A basic tee paired with boyfriend jeans and cozy Ugg boots says “I am not trying too hard here” without saying anything at all—unless you are wearing bright colors as part of your ensemble! In that case, it might be time for some new clothes…
  • Wear the slippers with a dress: If there’s one thing that screams lazy chic more than slippers are worn indoors, it’s pairing them with dresses! If this feels like taking things too far for your liking (and if so, maybe ask yourself why?), try instead wearing them under short skirts or shorts when out running errands on warm days instead!

Mix and match items to make new outfits.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics of how to wear your boyfriend’s clothes down, it’s time to get creative. You don’t have to stick with just one shirt and pair of bottoms—you can mix and match items in a way that makes them uniquely yours. Try these steps:

  • Choose a few items that go together. This doesn’t mean they have to be from the same store or even the same color family; just make sure they look good when paired together!
  • Add accessories like scarves or bags that complement each other, but also add personality and flair to your outfit (this works especially well if they’re in complementary colors).
  • Use different colored tops and bottoms for an extra pop of color!

Accessorize to create different looks with what you have.

Accessorizing is the art of using accessories to create different looks with what you have. By mixing and matching accessories, you can change your look without having to buy a new outfit. For example, if you have jeans and a white T-shirt, consider wearing them with a black blazer instead of a denim jacket or leather jacket when heading out for dinner with friends.

Accessories can also help liven up a boring outfit by adding color and details. If you’re going jogging in an old pair of sneakers and want to make them look newer, add red shoelaces that match your sports bra or shorts!

You can create your style while wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.

You can create your style while wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. However, you’ll need to get the right fit and make sure the clothes are in good condition. Mixing and matching items is another great way to create different looks with what you have. Accessories are also crucial when it comes to creating your look. For example, try switching up the shoes or belts that go with a particular article of clothing—you’d be surprised by how much difference this can make!


We hope this helped you feel confident in your style. After all, clothes don’t make the man—or woman!—they just help us express ourselves better. So don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy a new wardrobe right away; instead, take some time to experiment with what works best for you.



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