Have you ever worn a bow tie in your life? 

If not, then my friend, you’re missing a lot! 

Bow ties are a fashion statement not from today or a few decades back, but these bow ties were worn centuries ago. From Winston Churchill to Charlie Chaplin and Manolo Blahnik, many famous personalities wear bow ties.  

Even today, men are fond of wearing this neckwear to various events and occasions. After all, bow ties are so classy and sophisticated that they can make any men’s attire look immediately elegant. So, whether you’re going to attend a formal, semi-formal, or casual event, this neckwear can help you look good with your attire.

So if you still haven’t tried one, you have to rock a bow tie!

A bow tie fashion is something that gives you the freedom to dress elegantly while adding sophistication, playfulness, and panache.

From extremely formal to smart evening attire, these bow ties can be worn on multiple occasions. How? Because these bow ties come in various colors like classic black bow ties, white bow ties, and even colorful printed ones. Plus, there are also options in tie materials like nylon, linen, wool, cotton, polyester, and even fancy ones like silk and velvet. 

That’s why sometimes finding the right bow tie can be challenging. 

With so many different choices in types, styles, and sizes, anyone can easily get confused. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! 

Today in this post, we’re going to tell you everything about bow tie fashion. So whether you’ve to attend a ceremony or just want to know about white bow ties, this guide will help you to select the perfect bow tie to go with your attire. 

Let’s start. 

Bow Tie Size

When going for bow tie shopping, the first thing you should know is its size and type. 

The most common neck sizes are:

  • Small: 14″-15″ neck size (approx. 36″ long)
  • Medium: 15″-16.5″ neck size (approx. 37″ long)
  • Large: 17″-18.5″ neck size (approx. 39″ long)
  • Ex-large: 19″-20″ neck size (approx. 41″ long)

Types of Bow Ties

So basically, there are three types of bow ties. They are:

  • Clip-on Bow Tie 
  • Pre-Tied Bow Tie, and 
  • Self-Tied Bow Tie  

The clip-on bow ties are one of the most popular types. As their name suggests, easy to clip on. All you need to do is clip this on your shirt collar, and you’re ready to go! 

Pre-tied bow ties are pretty much the same as the clip-on ones but come with better quality. These types of bow ties are super-symmetrical and look so stylish.  

Another type of bow tie is the Self-Tied bow tie: the more professional one. This type of tie comes in two variants: adjustable and fixed-length bow ties. You have to tie the bow yourself! 

Bow Tie Shapes

The next thing you should know is the shape of the bow tie. Yes, it’s important to know that a bow tie in a specific shape can make your look perfect. You can find the right shape and get dressed accordingly.  

There are only three main shapes of bow ties: 

Butterfly Bow Tie

As its name says, it resembles the shape of a butterfly! Also known as thistle shape, this bow tie shape has the standard style. If you’re a beginner, you can try this shape.

Here the knot is usually small, and the rest of the bow looks like a butterfly’s wings. Perfect for every event or occasion. 

Batwing Bow Tie

Just like the bat wings, the shape of this bow tie has a bigger knot. They follow an overall rectangular shape and usually get slimmer around the neckband. Batwing bow ties will add a symmetrical and clean look to your outfit. So it is perfect for formal occasions and even for casual events. 

Diamond Point Bow Tie

The diamond point bow tie has an asymmetrical style that looks different every time you wear it. This is tied in a way that its pointed ends make a diamond-like shape. The best thing about this bow tie shape is that it looks good on most of the face shapes. Plus, you can wear this tie to both day and night events.         

What to Wear With a Bow Tie

Even after knowing the right shape and size, many men are unsure about what to wear with a bow tie. Are you feeling the same? Keep reading to know how to style a bow with various shirts!

Below are different types of shirts to wear with a bow tie: 

  • Wingtip Collar
  • Spread Collar
  • Pointed Collar
  • Button Down

There are endless possibilities of combining a bowtie with a shirt and blazer. Use your creativity and see what looks best on you. 

Bow Tie Fashion Rules

Now you know the bow tie type, size, and shapes, so what’s next? 

You may hear of the black bow tie and white bow tie dress code events, but apart from this, there are also other occasions where you can rock a bow tie. It’s always good to know about the rules and guidelines of a particular event to be more conscious and respectful. 

Formal Events

These events include state dinners, weddings, and high-end balls, so your attire should be formal with either a black bow tie or a white bow tie. Wear only silk bow ties that match the lapel of your tuxedo jacket. 

Semi-formal Events

In these events, you can be a little creative with your ties. You can wear a bow tie in various textures, colors, or with a fun pattern or print. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit clean and simple. 

Casual Events

Add playfulness to your attire with a classy yet fashionable bow tie. You can try different shapes and styles as this will be perfect for these types of less formal or casual events.  

Business Casual 

In these types of events, always pair your bow tie with a blazer. 

Stay Classy, Stay Fashionable! 

A bow tie is one of the easiest and most stylish accessories you can use to uplift your attire. Plus, they’re also affordable and come in various colors, shapes, and patterns.  

There are numerous ways to style a bow tie, from tuxedos blazers to suspenders. So, if you want to achieve a classy, sophisticated look to make a sartorial statement, try a bow tie.



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