Shapewears are a great choice to tone your loose muscles and give a perfect shape to your summer trimmed body. Shapewear is worn beneath the dress as a means of altering the shape of the wearer’s body. It is meant to look with a slim waist and a curvy figure. It is done by hardening up and compressing saggy and bulgy areas of the body so that they give a definite outline to your body.

Shapewears were predominantly used in the Victorian age, when they were made of cotton, linen and fine fabric such as satin and sometimes even silk. The corsets, as they were known, were also made of hard materials like iron wires with metallic hooks. Materials as such could crush the ribs, sometimes even the internal organs, preventing the lungs to expand for breathing.

Modern body shapers are now made from skin-friendly and breathable materials that are more comfortable, and flexible.The goal of wearing shapewear is always to help you look and feel your best whenever you’re wearing them.

Shapers are mostly made of 90% nylon and spandex. 

Types of Shapewears:

Shapewears have been ergonomically designed for different body parts.Various Types of Bodywears :

  • Bodysuit (Full body shaper)
  • Thigh Slimmer 
  • Waist Clincher 
  • Shaping Top 
  • Slip Shaper 
  • Extended Brief
  • Minimizer Bra

Benefits of wearing one : 

  • It provides an overall outline for your body shape
  • It tucks in extra skin and gives that perfect shape.
  • It prevents Prolapse and ageing look of body
  • It can be used post surgery in certain cases
  • It can be an inspiration to lose weight!

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To get an hourglass figure, our full body shapers trim, frame, and accentuate your curves while softening the necessary regions. The ultra-slimming design envelops your physique in a stunning form.

To shape your skin in any manner you desire, select from a selection of compaction rates, contouring elements, and molding shapewear. They soften the wearer’s tummy, back, shoulder, thighs and buttocks all at once from a simple fit. Our full body shaper are super attractive, comfy, and perfect fit to your natural curves. They’re breathable, feel wonderful on the skin, and hold you secured with a firm embrace that gives you the form you want.

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